Trump’s Trade Wars: What an American Farmer Thinks | NYT – Opinion

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Trump’s Trade Wars: What an American Farmer Thinks | NYT – Opinion
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out here and I are closer country we can’t just sit around and hope that things are going to get better I’m a republican. Always a republican I voted for President Trump I want to support have targeted are farmers not good not nice I do know what the farmers are saying it’s okay we can take it these are incredible people we can take it that makes my blood boil do this I can draw a direct line from when the president started this tariff rhetoric in the price my soybeans the United States was allowed to truly get ripped off in March the price of soybeans weigh $10.50 a bushel today it’s $8.50 a bushel that’s a 20% decrease I have to tell you this is hurting part long-term future this is hurting me Transportation production whether to the clerk at the grocery store when agriculture get sick everybody feels that kind of pain is really easy to be audiological when both your belly and your wallet are fat when you’re broke and hungry then you have to be practical mr. president what I would tell you is this we built these agricultural markets for decades your tariffs rhetoric serves to only tear those down provide uncertainty to the market to make it back and it’s got to be my hope is not a marketing plan hope is not a business plan and I know you know that
A corn, soybean and cattle farmer from Ohio responds to President Trump’s remarks at a rally in Tampa that farmers are accepting the trade tariffs.

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