Trump’s White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton’s Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump’s White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton’s Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Trump’s White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton’s Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Phil I’d like to begin with you just tonight, Tucker Carlson by-the-way is quoted as calling this a great day for America and saying of Bolton he’s a man of the left. What is your after-action report? What’S this loyalty problems or leaks? Was this outside voices or actual policy Brian, it’s basically all of the above and by the time I left the administration to list of his detractors of the people inside the administration who did did not admire him was quite long and it included by the way. The first lady and the chief of staff Mick Mulvaney the beginning of this relationship, especially on North Korea, but also on Afghanistan, on a Ron on other issues. The problem for Trump and recent weeks, however, is that Bolton’s disagreements increasingly became publicly known through media reports. Bolton of course denies that he is those sorts of details, but it bother the president that the disputes that these discussions they were having, especially on Afghanistan and those peace talks with the palaban, we’re coming into full View, and there was really a breakdown in the way That the security apparatus of the administration was working Bolton in the final weeks. According to my colleagues reporting at the post, with not even on speaking terms with the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Trump saw that it’s a real problem and started to really resent. I talked to a senior Administration official former official earlier today, who said that Bolton really acted like a big shot in the white house. He had a big entourage. His aides were more loyal to him than to the president himself and the president on ultimately got sick of that Jeremy bash two points here, number one. This is hardly the first time we have seen tension between two powerful jobs in the modern era. National Security adviser in the White House, Henry Kissinger and Secretary of State Point number two is an example from Rand Paul of some of the reaction. Today, let’s listen together with John Bolton out of the White House. The threat of War around the world is greatly diminished. The present really does want to end the war pianist and I think he could, but he needs people around him who Support Division he’s putting forward. So, Jeremy, after all this, do you think this marks any change in Direction on policy for this presidency? The president makes it up, as he goes along being a muscular internationalist, really favorite military intervention in the context of arawn. I did not like closing up to Putin. Did not like the Bromance, with Kim Jeong hoon and obviously was very weary of doing a peace deal with it bond that would remove US troops and intelligence professionals during the 9/11 anniversary weekend. So in some ways was inevitable. The extent of the dysfunction – and these are critically important jobs, because Donald Trump is very lucky. We have not had a major national security crisis, a no kidding, full-blown crisis in attack on the Homeland or some significant Temptation, and when that happens, you need professionals around you who can get give you the honest facts in the best advice, Jeremy. I was thinking earlier tonight. We have a look at one of the testing sessions for what we’re going to tomorrow evening. This is, after all, the eve of the 9/11 anniversary hard to believe it’s been 18 years and tomorrow evening, over Lower Manhattan. We will see those two shafts of blue light that still puts a lump in your throat to your point. God forbid, we have not witnessed a genuine crisis cuz, that’s the day. You realized. The job of National Security advisor in the White House is one of the most consequence in the Free World. Absolutely the fundamental aspects of the job agencies Aleve and to provide options for the president to a math, the facts, to consult with allies Partners around the world and to give the president options to respond to a crisis in the white house with no mandate other than To push his own using his agenda and that’s what kind of Crossways, but it also shows how dysfunctional the National Security process of become under President Trump at the start of our broadcast. We showed piece of video that we we didn’t explain, and that was while this was all going on shortly before the announcement. The camera Crews that are always camped out in the driveway in the briefing room saw John Bolton all by his lonesome on a cell phone. Come out of the Northwest Portico they’re in the West Wing, no Marine present just standing there. Still the National Security advisor making a phone call was his departure. So Kim you covered this crowd for a long time. You talked to a lot of people. Is the lesson of this that, if you manage up your chances at a longer, tenure are better? This is the White House that is run by President Trump when he was first elected. There was a lot of talk, particularly when it came to things like that. National Security apparatus that President Trump might be sort of an empty or blank slate through which others could kind of govern and just use him as a means to get there. We’Re. Seeing increasingly that that just isn’t the case of President Trump likes to surround himself with people secretary Pompeo said who he trust. But the problem is finding people who can trust him and trust that they would listen to his advice and and do the job that they allow them to do the job if they’re there, President Trump is very interested in who contradicts them, particularly public laughing. This all came to ahead clearly because of the reports that there was dissension within the White House, not just between a Bolton Enterprise event, but I’m dragging the vice-president into a tube with news reports suggesting that he was on Bolton side when it came to that. That meeting with the Taliban leaders that never happened, it seem to really anger. This president, I think I’m hearing from the hill, of course, from a lot of lawmakers, you talk about some of the Republicans, were not sad to see Bolton go. Certainly the Democrats were not fans of Bolton. I think Tucker Carlson is wrong there, but there is a lot of others a lot of dismay because they’re saying at a time and where is there so many big issues in National Security and Foreign Relations? We have. We have prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for example, just as all this was happening with claiming that the and it states going to assist in March or via cooperate with him in annexing parts of the Westbank. There’S a lot going on and the National Security apparatus is in complete disarray, there’s no sense of who’s in charge. The president is firing, go on Twitter and all that makes it very difficult for the United States to leave. So it is a lot of chaos and confusion. It’S something that the president doesn’t seem to mind so much, but certainly folks on the hill and elsewhere are very find about it. Hey there on Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list? Lots of other great videos,
Trump aides Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin denied things are chaotic inside the White House after the president announced on Twitter that yet another National Security Adviser is out. Philip Rucker, Jeremy Bash, and Kimberly Atkins discuss.
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Trump’s White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton’s Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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