TSA, CBP, airlines testing facial recognition at airport security

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TSA, CBP, airlines testing facial recognition at airport security
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TSA, CBP, airlines testing facial recognition at airport security
TSA, CBP, airlines testing facial recognition at airport security
Getting through security, maybe a little easier with a Twist TSA Transportation, Security, Administration, Customs and Border Protection, and also individual airlines are testing out facial recognition technology. It’S a speed up the security check, Jackie hinrichs out of JFK Airport here in New York right now. It is only being used at the gates for international flight. Your passport and a ticket at the photo and Customs and Border Protection send that image to a cloud. Is it with a picture of you? They already have typically from your passport. If he says it deletes pictures of US citizens in 12 hours, but images aliens can be held up to 14 will have access to the collection device and only think of his staff and cloud service provider. Personnel may have access to the database not directly answering their in the future. It could be shared with federal agencies. Limiting the technology has never clearly authorized the TSA to use this technology and it’s simply not ready for airport use. We haven’t debated the Privacy concern and, frankly, we don’t even under Stan what the agency wants to do and how they’ll be storing and using the data 173 people on land of the US border. So you mentioned, you mention privacy lot in your in your report, so it was someone’s like you know what I want to do this. What happens to those people is it? People are give me names of verifying their identity residency. It is immediately Jacqui Heinrich in Miami who is tampering with the airplane in there now, thinking that he might be a member of Isis at the same time were asking about that and saying how could this guy gets through and how could he be near an airplane Whether or not we should be allowed letting you know soon as he use facial recognition software at the airport does that make sense to be safe or not. What are your thoughts, facial recognition? I got some real problems with that. Just like the ACLU said: there’s no control over it. I don’t know if it’s any faster or not, then looking at a piece of paper or running a code through something. I think we need to look at a little bit more before we go into this Emiliano Airlines like it and all the rest of it, but I’ve got a question whether or not we can control it and that question has not been answered, so I would say That goes out, the door are, are biometrics are being stored all over the place? You know Apple admitted that they were doing it in their stores. They say it’s to help. You know it’s just one of those things, that’s kind of going at any. What do you mean exactly right? What do we do with that? What they, what can they do with that information, as you just pointed out, they haven’t said they won’t share it with other people. I don’t think someone going to Buffalo New York needs to worry about whether his face is going to get Cher on several several websites across to the government, but I think it needs a lot more scrutiny before we proceed with this. I am concerned about it. The airline shared violent Isis videos Express support for the terror group and has a brother and a link to Isis their conflicting reports. According to Federal prosecutors. What was put in contacts to me only the shadow knows what evil lies in the hearts of men. American Airlines doesn’t and transport Union transport workers union doesn’t either this guy’s been there since 1988, without any material problem. But then again the hijackers on 9/11 had been in the country a long time as well. So it is one of those things, even your own airplane, not believe they have the store in corrected his original story, where he said he was trying to disable the planes that he can make more overtime money. Did that make more sense to you? The fact is, we don’t know there was no way of the company knowing or anybody else knowing he was going to do this. I don’t buy this stuff where he says he didn’t that the airplane could not be damp to understand. His lawyer said this didn’t put anybody at risk that is malarkey, so the guy it put a hundred fifty people at risk. Tell me the guy should go to jail. End of discussion, but why did it isn’t clear? But with this background, they’ve now found that’s another whole smoked all right.
Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich reports on the new technology and Mike Boyd, Boyd Group International President, addresses the privacy concerns over the new facial recognition technology.

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