Tucker: There is nothing wrong with merit

Tucker: There is nothing wrong with merit
Tucker: There is nothing wrong with merit
Cincinnati this week, stop by itself build the often promised wall on our Southern border, nor would it cut current levels of immigration, despite the fact that most Americans would like to see that happen. The one big thing the administration’s proposal would do is: give priority to immigrants. Help America skilled workers with English proficiency, they do better in the school. They found more companies the open door that we want to create for our country, but a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through Merit and scale what’s the world if they could hundreds and hundreds of millions of people. So why wouldn’t we pick the absolute best? Immigrants with skills and English would fit in better hear their kids. To do better in school would be more likely to contribute to social programs instead of draining them in this change course not through outraged house. Speaker. Nancy Pelosi spoke for the party when she declared. That really is a bad word, because everybody has Merit, it is really a condescending word. Are they saying family is without Merit? Are they saying most of the people of ever come to the United States and the history of our country or without Merit, because they don’t have an engineering degree? I certainly we wanted best in our country at to our country, and that includes many people. For many parts of society country she says by that, pussy doesn’t mean when she says she means just the opposite, because what exactly is best about immigrants with criminal records best about that might be nice people, but they’re much more likely to burden the United States than To benefit is least economically Harvard admit, students who can’t speak English, the what doesn’t want to answer questions like that or even have the conversation and said that the current system is great, no evidence necessary. What’S less obvious is the medium and even the be skilled immigrants. Also contribute to the US economy they come in and they do different things from Natives and they allow everyone to specialize more contribution of the skilled immigrants. But I think people Overlook when they really push. Those so-called merit-based are arguing for is a feudal system were foreign-born worker bees coil to support a smug and pampered managerial class, of which they, of course, they’re part. There’S no other explanation for a current policies in the United States. We have plenty of low-skilled workers, their unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Their wage growth has been abysmal for decades. Generations of those workers benefit from having more competition or, if they don’t. How does the country benefit by having more low-skilled workers when technological changes May soon render millions of them permanently jobless? The answer, of course, is that we won’t benefit benefits is not the point herself a symbol of America’s failed immigration system. There ever was one someone who hates this country coming here at public expense, listen to all deportation programs. She demands open borders. The unlimited arrival. tell me about a civil rights, that’s a joke. It’S about money and power, their money, their power. The left has a line with business interested profit from cheap obedient workers. Low-Skilled immigrants have a harder time is simulating into the American made. They stayed poor, they learn English more slowly. They might even compete with a children of our ruling class. That’S not allowed it safer to import serfs and that’s exactly what they’re doing don’t let them tell you it’s about civil right, it’s not it’s about their convenience and their power.
President Trump reveals merit-based immigration proposal, Democrats speak out against it. #Tucker #FoxNews

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