Turkish court sentences Erdogan opponent to nearly 10 years in jail

Turkish court sentences Erdogan opponent to nearly 10 years in jail
Turkish court sentences Erdogan opponent to nearly 10 years in jail
What she was charged with a whole gamut offenses, insulting the president, the rocket remarks about turkey, civil servants spreading terrorist propaganda. Basically, these offense. It’S were committed in tweets that she posted online between 2012 and 2017, which she supported. The Gezi Park protests of 2013 against other one, the Armenian Genocide, memorial events – she referred to president 31 by the starting his middle name as middle name – is tired. She called him tie off Distortion, wouldn’t normally be regarded as a criminal court hearings, turkey’s most famous poet, who spent many years in a tuckus jail for being a communist, and then this poem that she read out each scene was that his persecutors will the seven a Reading of that car indicate possibly charges against her for her. Today she was sentenced to nine years in jail and 8 months, and the sentence was suspended from these details. What basically, is going on here? Canan kaftancioglu was the brains behind the opposition. May I a criminal lose victory in the Istanbul elections in March and in June she was processed tweets that were made between 7 and 2 years ago. At the time she made those prints. She wasn’t prosecuted come. If her campaigns against the government candidates in the Istanbul directions had been success. Okay, just tell us, we think about the Saudi currency. What was going on in turkey at the moment, because I thought to this other one was being unnecessarily harsh. For instance, his ousting the Kurdish man Cindy Albrecht of Wands and Marvin, the code is boat, on which one depends to be elected and political analyst. When the neighborhood bully feels that he is losing his authority, people aren’t surprising them anymore. He seeks out the weakest boy on the street and he beats him up to send the signal. That’S his influence is falling in the Istanbul elections in June, but is packed with moss, very Islamic people and when the boat is a faulty vote for the sink to the opposition, then it means that they think other one has gone too far and his losing 40. A big shock for him:
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A Turkish court on Friday sentenced a prominent opposition official to nine years and eight months in prison for insulting the president and spreading terrorist propaganda, a lawmaker from the main opposition party said. FRANCE 24’s correspondent Jasper Mortimer has the details.

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