Turkish president Erdogan: Khashoggi murder ‘planned days in advance’ – BBC News

Turkish president Erdogan: Khashoggi murder ‘planned days in advance’ – BBC News
Will the presidents on to it now so that Titleist my condolences to his family members of the media before I move on? Let’S remember what happened the first time on the 26th 28th of September on Friday, it is clear that activity has taken the place. Some people have been informed about his visit. What are the words to the country in a hurry which indicates that takes old in preparations play before the operation at meeting on Monday today, concert at building activity in great areas that the team arrived in Istanbul and check in at the hotel also arrived at the Airport and moving to another hotel, are they check in in the morning stay at end-stage consulate? Building have a meeting appointment at the consulate is confirmed at the same time constant building on foot after that moment, 1750 powers that evening from indicating that he was being held against his rich and investigation, started immediately. Kissimmee cousin checks at the fact that they meant that mystical left was determined diplomatic protection, although it is now because of the occurrence belief at the time. At the same time, the chief, how do I stay pointed prosecutors, investigating this matter as the investigation deepens? Some interesting information was recovered the day before murder. The number of forensics arriving in Istanbul was, and also the fact that they had left a country was also determines but get into a room using the excuse of a know that they released estimated decoration on the phone and initially totally denied that text David reporter into The building, but it known Siri, opening and closing Tetra shoving that says nothing suspicious attempt to recover more fax documents from Saudi Arabia country and met the number of contacts yeah glad that they are planning on having the search of the consulate building. My dear friends, we have to ask a number of questions, because this incident has taken place in Istanbul and we are responsible. If we are responsible here position of responsibility. We have a right to question this. Is this matchup suspicions countries started to raise our voices while we were always said that we would not let this go Salman bin abdulaziz? That first telephone contact call Dave 14th of October. Send that telephone conversation and Weave Express to form a joint investigation to do looms about James from a prosecutor’s office and the investigation. She looks into the building responsibilities and show himself being in Advocates to fulfill the position. He was in moved from his position, meaning after the murder, Saudi Arabia, Administration officially accepted that and that decoration inside I’ve had that subsequent to that Istanbul and Pat going back to Saudi Arabia. So the name is exactly the same name in this country. Comprehensive telephone conversation with mr. President Trump unit prices campaign carry it out by numerous Outlets, constant scratching confusion around this issue. Behind those attempts, no one has been able to prevent us from investigating and bringing to open Miss Murder. Before I should say, it is true important to remember that these they come to the building in question is within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. In addition, deviana agreement and other International legal alterations do not provide that such a nefarious murderer can be protected by flames of diplomatic. Immunity is backed up, respected journalists which brought the ditional responsibilities on our shoulders. Investigating this pattern continues. Its investigation, representing the joint conscience of the human elf of humanity, all information and evidence, Show sets Jabba cashier was killed in a violent, Savage murder. The details of this incident as capable of hurting report, an important step is expected of them from now on, is bring to lights, who are responsible for this and also an accidental death. We have strong evidence to to that effect. Number of questions still traveling people’s minds. Why the day weather in Istanbul on the day of the murder, we are still seeking an answer to that question. Please people photos. Did they arrive at VC answer that question? Why was it that the building was opened to investigation, nothing but many days late? We want to answer to that question. Why was it that so many contradictory statements were made about the alleged murder at the time? We want a question to that at the body of Jamaica. She is still missing. Why is that a local operator or a local collaborator has taken the body of I’m asking the question? Who is the local collaborator? This is not an official authority of Saudi Arabia that are local collaborator, dispose of the body. Do you want to know who this is, but I want everyone to know that this is not good give me a number of information is still being evaluated by our investigators and all information available currently is in the East, showing that this was a planned operation. It is International Community that fish was the. This was Chester. Road operation by a few International Community will be satisfied, responsible pest properly. I have no soul, vacation or a team of investigators and others must be included in the site. Investigation, International Love and Islamic law and the law of the loss of the Saudi Arabia consider that to be adjusted, filthy fulfills ensure that I have a cold, sorry Administration. The incident has taken place in Istanbul, the 15 + 3 people are 8018. People must be right. This is my proposal. As the crime was committed in the stumble, they should be tried in Istanbul. The decision is, but this is a proposal from me, given the fact that crime is committed in Eastham today is all about buy children’s School MHP party we have formed the president. Everyone is moving on now after delivering a very studies perspective on what happened to Jamarcus. She and running through the timeline very carefully listing the arrivals of various groups from Saudi Arabia as They carried out reconnaissance before returning for the operation itself and weaving there picture of narrative as to how Mr khashoggi was brought in for what he said. What time is the other one said was very clearly a planned operation. This was not a rude operation by a few, he said bicycle seat at the latest Saturday statement has suggested it was not a terrible mistake is essentially what you saying that and adding, as we had in his last remarks, that he expects the 18 people Houdini. I stayed in association with this inside the Arabia to be tried and to be tried in Istanbul, which coast is a significant diplomatic statement to make, as well as anything else.
The killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was planned days in advance, the Turkish president says, addressing MPs from his ruling party.
He said Turkey had strong evidence Khashoggi was killed in a premeditated and “savage” murder at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.
He also called for the suspects to be tried in Istanbul.
He demanded Saudi Arabia provide answers about where Khashoggi’s body was and who ordered the operation.
Mr Erdogan confirmed that 18 people had been arrested in the kingdom over the case. However, he has not released any details of the evidence gathered about the killing.
He made no mention of any audio or video recordings mentioned in media reports in the days following the journalist’s disappearance.

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