‘Turn yourself in,’ says ex-RCMP to 2 teens wanted in B.C. killings

‘Turn yourself in,’ says ex-RCMP to 2 teens wanted in B.C. killings
‘Turn yourself in,’ says ex-RCMP to 2 teens wanted in B.C. killings
It is a nationwide manhunt and actually in less than 24 hours, that’s how quickly things turned around 2 BC. Teens went from missing persons to be wanted, as suspected killer can tell you, police are carrying out that nationwide manhunt. For this pair they were last seen in a remote Northern Manitoba Town, Chatham and Briar are no longer considered missing. The RCMP are now considering camera cloud and Briar smigielski, a suspect in the dees Lake, suspicious death and the double homicide of Lucas Fowler and China. Dees McLeod and 18 year old, Briar Miguel ski it comes from an RCMP news release. These two are suspects in a murder case that has put community Canada on edge. These two people, Australian Lucas, Fowler and American China deese – were found shot dead beside the highway on July 15th, not far from liard Hot Springs, which is in northern BC and then 4 days. A truck belonging to the wanted man was found burning about 500 km away near dease Lake BC, and you just saw a re-creation a picture of that man. There. There was a body of a man that was found next to the highway just about two kilometers away from that burned-out vehicle. So let’s get more information because we’ve got a news teams working on the on the most recent sighting and a search for the we’ve got. Cbc’S Angela Johnston right there in Winnipeg when hearing Angela what we’ve spoken to the mayor of Gilliam – and he says if it’s really is a huge unknown for the community. People are really wondering are the suspects here. Are they not, and it’s really put people on edge? Now remember, this is a very remote Community, there’s only about 1,100 or 1,200 people up in the community of Gillum and it’s pretty rugged terrain. So one person we spoke to a had mentioned you know. Usually she walks into work. She’Ll leave her doors open during the day to get fresh air, but today she decided to get a ride into work, she’s, keeping all the stores closed, just to make sure that she stays safe. Now we do know that there is an increased RCMP presence in the area. We pray that there’s a checkpoint going into the community and RCMP just told us that their investigators are working very diligently on this case, but obviously people are feeling a bit nervous. We did because I mention to the mayor of Gil – and here is some of the advice that he had for people that might be feeling a bit anxious thanks so much if they only Community. I think it’s safest for everybody just to travel in groups and keep your eyes open for any suspicious individual out car that was spotted in the area. The mayor told us that there was a report of this burned-out car that came in Monday evening about 70 km from the community and this area as well. The chief of Fox Lake cremation put out a statement yesterday. He said a vehicle with burned and discarded near our reserve a bird today we cannot confirm this was directly connected to the individuals wanted by RCMP and all night Patrol for the community has been prepared as a caution, I would like to ask all community members to Report anything of concern directly to RCMP. Now it is important to note that both the mayor and the chief have said that this car has not been directly live to the suspect, but obviously this is something that people in the area are keeping top-of-mind. Alright, thanks for the update and she is in Winnipeg the country and we pinpointed where those two men were last seen across the country, perhaps still just in Manitoba an idea of the points that they were seen kind of how they travel. We don’t know the route that they, but we start to paint a picture of exactly where they were so. Let’S take a look at a map and I’ll go through their movements, starting with liard hot springs at 4 you’re, seeing is of Lucas Fowler 24 years old. The Australian American China, dc24 Hot Springs is where their bodies were found shot on July 15th. Next to dease Lake. That’S where McLeod and schmelke were last seen before they were believed to be missing people. You can see their truck their their chocolate, fountain bird and not sketch of that other man who was also found to see if he still an unidentified Meadowlake and sis cats when they were definitively spotted their RCP say there was a confirmed sighting in Northern Saskatchewan and Then finally, blow to Gilliam, where this stop potential sighting. We were just talking about in Manitoba. Community one Road in one road out, so you can see their movements across the country that we don’t know the exact a lot of options. So certainly me know the Manhunt in there now. These are the two latest photos we have of chemically O’Brien Briar’s to Miguel ski and certainly there’s a massive effort right now to find them. One thing police are saying: definitely is to keep it, but do not approach them. They are considered dangerous, don’t talk to them, don’t take any action, they say simply just call police call, RCMP call 911. If you see them – and we heard the reflection of that anxiety in the home from Angela there – that people are worried about this right now, because that last sighting in Manitoba was a maybe siding, and we were asking a question of where are they yesterday in repair? In reference to missing as two teens work heading up for a job in Whitehorse and they went missing today, we are asking: where are they and the title? It’S change to suspected Killers. It’S that click of a transition show me the man in his 50s or 60s. We don’t know his identity, then we just have that sketch, and this is the van, where the bodies of the two tourists were found. So a lot of unanswered questions, RCMP we heard from them actually just now Manitoba RCMP, saying that course they’re still investigating that they don’t have any new information at this point, but that they are trying to obviously find these two suspects again, as he mentioned, going from Missing probably complicated case thanks for that Megan we will talk again. I know our colleague Anjelah Johnson had mentioned that she had spoken to the mayor of gillham in Manitoba and that’s where we’re going. There is an impact to this Manhunt there. There is, I suppose, a fear, as Angela had mentioned in the town of Gilliam. The mayor is Wayne Forman he’s on the line right now describe for me what you’ve been going through since it changed and RCMP made the link from missing two possible murder suspects. How has your life changed? Your life is definitely stepped up in the community. Lot of phone calls lot of reporters Non-Stop and its worldwide. I don’t have any information really to give them other than is there suspected to be in the area nothing’s confirmed, but you do have information on your community. What’S the talk? What’S the buzz there, there is some speculation and fear within the community and that’s understandable cuz, whether they are or are not in the area. We got to make sure we keep her eyes out on a chance that they are in the area. Map of where is cuz. You know I have never heard about Gillan before but you’re part of my vernacular River Northern Manitoba quite far Apso at you know your remote. Let me ask you: how do you get in and out of jail that you can get out with Sarah people do yeah? We can go by train. That is an option. How you’d also fly out of the community? We have an airport. Basically, if I wrote, you only have one way in and one way out and I-80 300 kilometers of gravel between city of Thomson and our community to look like. Are there RCMP blockades? Can you describe for me how to 80 changed? Once again, I haven’t been to site. All I can do is go off information forwarded as far as the there is a police presence 80. They are searching all vehicles going in and out of that road. They also increase the police presence within the community of Gilliam and the Community as well. Tell me about Fox Lake. Where is that in what’s happening there, 294 Junction of a 28290 split and 290 actually has North. So a Fox Lake is Northern Community. That’S exactly closer to current vehicle that has not been confirmed. Emp your police work on this investigation and our viewers here on CBC News network will get it right now with you on the line, someone who is in a community that you know is in this story. Right now, whether you wanted to be or not describe for me what the is like there and Gillum we’re at all times, keep your eyes open and see. If you see anyone report like a peer is going to creep up on anybody really, I want to thank you for your time and I I certainly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you mare forum and you take care nelsan river in northern Manitoba hunt underway. Not really familiar to us as Canadian, while they were last believed to be in Manitoba their whereabouts right now or unknown, as we heard from the mayor that leaves the RCMP with this. They have said, if you see them, do not approach them. But let’s talk about what that Manhunt entail are Chase team is reach former RCMP officer, Kim Watts, Center she’s, also a city councillor. She is in Fraser Lake BC. Let me ask you: I can’t use the word man, hunting on crime shows, Etc. What does Manhunt actually mean in Canada when it comes to a cross-country? Well, it means that every please person can Adobe tracking the suspects, and it means that doesn’t matter whether it’s a County, Municipal City, police forces or provincial, they will all be having relative information and relative time, and it also means that it would be disgusted if briefing That every police officer walks on the floor so that they have the latest information, so does every police officer who is part of this investigation now have a picture of these two missing. Teens absolutely have a whole host of information is to the latest, sightings and and whereabouts, as well as updated information as to you know, possibly what they look like and or what their driving. When you talk about, driving are police in, in particular areas, blockade of performance. He said there’s one Road in and that is Road 280. You can, you can take a train out of church or to Churchill, so you can get out of there. That way, you probably don’t need ID to buy that, but certainly, if you’re in a car or if you’ve got some other vehicle, how does the RCMP make sure those Vehicles don’t get through Ito Crime? Tv shows you’ll they’ve got spiked belts, which means they do work and we have it for a purpose. But even things like covering and helicopters, people can go on foot. They can you don’t get ahold of Motor Vehicles like motorcycles or even a bicycle mean anything they can. These suspects can head off into the bushes at a moment’s notice. If push comes to shove, McDade RCMP will be pulling out all resources. There will be no stops on this and they will put absolutely every resource they have and to fight and finding these two suspects, you know to make Canada safe again thermal imaging again. Maybe I watch too much Grammy to when it comes to Crime, shows Heat and it’s true and the RCMP has all of those resources and then some and, like I said 280, they will pull out all the stops there. They will be going at this 110 % to 24 hours a day until the suspects are located morning, meetings or whatever time the officers get together. What’S what’s happened is these Unity. Suspects are young, whether they planned it or whether you know it just occurred. We don’t know what this point and I think it’s very important to realize that they’re supporting each other they’re Running Scared. They don’t know what’s going to happen as far as we know, these kids have not been in the criminal light to date, and so you know the what happens to suspects when they get scared. I can have negative connotations and it can have negative outcomes and at this point, they’re really in the driver seat is to How This Ends and that’s kind of that’s a hard thing, and we don’t want the general public to you know. Unfortunately, the apart be part of that ending. How do you change your appearance as well? Maybe they watch crime shows if they are two white teenagers neighbors. Is that also a possibility, oh for sure, and it mean gentleman, especially with your facial hair, removing facial hair? Do they have longer? You know head hair, and you know they can crop it off Cobalt. They can grow a mustache, they can take one away and made so they can really alter their appearance quite quickly, and I think that one of the keys is to pay attention to the facial structure that you see on TV and the eyes. The eyes are very integral change authorized. What is the shape of the eyebrows, the shape of the eyes themselves? How does the nose connected? How does that Tino complete the face, and that is really important to pay attention as opposed to what the hair looks like or where they have face? Are no facial hair? One final question for you: it has to do with that vehicle that was ditched and still waiting for confirmation as to whether that vehicle belongs to the teens. It does match the description of their vehicle. What would in the Gators, beat pinpointing and looking for in that vehicle that was burned and ditched depends on the extent of the end that there would be any evidence. But I can tell you that if they do find evidence in that vehicle, it’ll be what’s called Hold Back. Evidence and it’ll be evidence that only the police will know and that’s very important for hard and a conviction. So. But I can tell you that the ident section will be going through that vehicle with a fine-tooth comb to try and determine any type of DNA or fibers or anything that can link them to the suspects themselves are fascinating and I thought of that. You can’t change that the shape of the eyebrows portend tips at how important is that in what is now a nationwide manhunt. Well, it’s absolutely number one and it’s it’s so very pivotal in trying to capture these suspects. It’S very important that the lady said that the if the general public sees these suspects do not approach them, do not try and be a Canadian hero. Let the police do that! That’S what we’re tasked to do! That’S what we’re trained to do and I think that that’s really important you have to look at it like there’s hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people that live in Canada as a police force. We have, you know, maybe 25,000 across Canada, the east, and so you know many eyes trying to find me suspects. It was opposed to just police eyes or just a really important, and if I could just say one thing that the families on both sides are really affected. By this I mean obviously, the Prince of the suspects are devastated, and this is something that they didn’t realize. That their they’re adults, children could be a part of, and also the families that have phenol would have had their children. You know, Murder, it is equally devastating and each sets of parents want these kids to be found a hole. We don’t want to end up in a situation where you know they could be themselves killed or you know, death bike office is what they say or for the commit suicide. We we want to understand. You know the the psychology and the Y everybody wants to know. Why and you know, for these suspects if you’re watching this turn yourself in you know save some families more grease and you know with your hands up and let us take you into custody and yes, you’re, going to have to atone for what you’ve done, but at The same time, let’s, let’s not have any more Carnage in the process when you say what you’ve done I just want to underline. They are just suspects that this and there have been no charges late, but came. I want to thank you for your time and and let him know when it comes to these options: Fraser Lake BC,
Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, are the subject of a national manhunt after RCMP named them as suspects in the double homicide of Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese and in the suspicious death of an unidentified man.
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