Turning Point? Turkey’s opposition wins Istanbul rerun vote

Turning Point? Turkey’s opposition wins Istanbul rerun vote
Turning Point? Turkey’s opposition wins Istanbul rerun vote
This time it wasn’t even close. Municipal elections and lost will break down the vote in the city where everyone served as mayor of quarter-century ago and asked. Is it a turning point for a more and more power concentrated in the hands of a c? A man makes numeric remember of the central fchp, an instant Factor home to one-in-five Turkish voters, but does he have text to unite the opposition beyond the city limits and what happens in the four years before the next election cycle, in particular to rule of law? This Monday marks the opening of the trial of 16, prominent supporters of and other big challenge to order one’s rule. These past years, the Gezi Park, protests of 2013 overthrow the government. Now the country’s leader of 16 years react to the latest set he has on his hands today in the France 24 debate, we’re wondering if it’s a turning point for turkey and joining us. She was France, 24 East, humble correspondent, from 2012 to 2018.. My kids are well thanks for being this, I also are joining us as sociologists a Denisa about barczyk is Witnesses. Welcome back to the show. Thank you. Warts # f24 debate, 54 % of the vote for a mamola 54 %, and a lot of celebrating Kathy Clifford has more on the streets. Istanbul president discuss the new mayor and his mom slide results. I didn’t cost my vote last time because I believed all votes was stolen, but I still have people had awakened and I decided to wait now too, so I cost my vote. My face in this country is being restored, the other parties, The Gangs they won. I hope it’ll bring Good Fortune, but I don’t think it will. Nation has always defended and supported victims. I believe it’s because they couldn’t explain why the weather cancellation, that they lost this way. What does mass punishment? Many analysts say the ruling party decision to rerun the election over controversial front claims, help sacrum Emily by turning them into a victim and giving him extra publicity. A little-known victim are at the start of the year. He won the election by more than 777000 votes from just 13,000 of the first election in March. On Sunday night, he addressed tens of thousands of supporters in Istanbul. Sovereignty belongs categorically to the people. We will never forget this. We will work on first humble. I promise all of you. Congratulations it’s a blow for him that even some pro-government media have called a victory for democracy. 5,000. Prince has increased size of Lee. I thought my cake is your boy. When you break it down, turnout appears, we don’t have the file numbers on this exactly, but it did. The official results yet appears to be just very slightly down. Some people had worried that, for this re-run, a lot fewer people would turn out and vote. Try to understand what happened this time. I think that Turkish people and more precise the first people from Istanbul stood against this feeling of Injustice because on the first vote, ringers search person March counting the votes for more than 2 weeks at thing, and everyone was just fed up with that. They’Ve been waiting for more than choose to have the results and then finally became the mayor. She took some decisions that appear to be like deciding some discounts concerning the other transports: water, ending financing, some religious comfort from the people and distributed in a more fair way, and I think this is what happened yesterday. People decided to vote against this. This feeling of interested call a rerun and they definitely a big congratulations to emmolo GHB and to mother was involved with his campaign. It was definitely a immense success. Last night, especially after I, you know, the margin went from 13000 to you know nearly I guess 8. Definitely hats off three reasons for children’s lost and margin at this time number one. It’S obvious: there was a big reaction to the election board decision, we’re both candidates, since the decision has claimed that they were sort of Fino, literally in their favor or against them number to we have to you know. Still, you know underline the fact that Turkish economy is going through pretty much extreme hardship for. year year-and-a-half and the last but not least, certain, let least again. It seems now actually seen before that, given the circumstance Emil’s image what he represented, the campaign has been a a very, very good choice. Animal has gotten himself, especially with the implementation of post-truth politics, which he follow to the tune from day one and probably get a better job than Trump to his own presidential campaign. 19. If I’m not mistaken, claims between March 31st and yesterday, 17 of Denver proven to be false, but nobody cared because there was such a a feeling that that even more land, the campaign called against are doing at this point and they played it pretty. Well. As I said, the numbers out there he claimed he made about 19 crimes. 17 were falsified, the two as is up in the air. Nobody knows which way will go, which is again at perfect implementation of post-truth politics. This is not to take away from his success. He did what he had to do and he did it perfectly. Definitely, my hat’s off to him his campaign and CHP for the first time in a long time, Denisa barczyk, post truth is on the campaign trail that are fallacious, that are that are untrue. Maintain a superorganic I called campaign, it feels super positive young people ruin it. A trademark slogan was like everything’s will be beautiful, it’s really was show, it was showing the hope of the young p, the people who wants to find jobs. Actually, the economy is in recession and we have is seriously real problem in the big cities and Istanbul is the capital kind of capital of Turkey, Pat and Deb, and I think she was a mammal is a very sincere leader in a white at the way that He was showing his religion was because I asked before coming here for two people, what they were thinking about, the amole it especially in the conservative neighborhoods, and they say we believe that he is relieved the way that he shows his religion. Cuz there’s some hubby to like we called in sociology like in a way that he was sincere when he tells about his religion when he shows it when he faced or when he was talking about. He was actually thinking and sharing the same idea. So he was. He was really successful to have these different point of views all together and to give the Hulk to the young people who votes or an anti-air votes that we saw that you mean the difference which were coming. I think they change their minds because they are Turkish people lost in Turkey. There is a unjustice people like to support them, and it was the case when he learned the news. He was the first day of the Ramadan which is a variant watching say and exposing just as we don’t know why we’re elected if there was some sort of if they still, how could you possibly tell the difference between 8002 31st vote, Craig computers, the way things Unfold, I say Spirit cheer for a return, however, short-lived to the Istanbul evolved when secularists and theologist could gather and make us their bowl one of the great cities of the world culture philosophy, science. However, the problem is turkey is not in Istanbul. The problem is in antara, where you have a governor set. That is a wonderful example of a unstable of authoritarian State. Essentially A Confederacy of hobgoblins lumbered the country with 328 billion dollars defeat. Do you want to look at it short-term Francois, or do you want to look at it long-term? Look! The buzz on the street is this new mayor could be the candidate to run against President race attire for tawad and 2043 right. Okay – let’s not forget that president erdogan has called this fellow a terrorist there. Are you still a fear streets of Istanbul that did he call him a terrorist? I could send you links to the world. It was reported in number of Western newspapers. I doubt you would have seen it there because there’s no freedom of press and turkey. You have 60 a journalist jails. Jail 222 receive jail in 2018. According to the committee to protect journalists, there’s right now, a minimum of 60, a journalist behind bars for the past 3 years, president or no on, and his government have jailed more journalists than any other tree in the world. According to Amnesty International, reporters on Frontier and the committee to protect journalists, so whatever information you may be receiving in Turkey, I would suggest, is not accurate. International press that. Claims that President actually said that you can’t patient with me, but I would do. I respect. I respect the program’s, a continuation. I don’t want to go on with this, but what you just said is not true but go ahead: prison for journalists. I think that does support the the fact check that later for sure hold in Mamou a terrorist. That the point is is that it was a gamble right, calling this rerun of this election yeah. It was a gamble, it was a Gamble and you’re the one lost. How could he not see it coming? I have no idea he won’t. You know. He does believe that his power is is, is someone omnipotent, so I think a lot of it has to do with his purse personality. You know in Russian with the Grassroots after 85, because our success was coming of the people. I don’t fight with their leader at this time. There was, I think, in a moment where there is an unemployment rate, is rising and there is a recession. There’S many economic problems and there is a new email who is nwoye that he is richer. He is it. Is it a question of the turkey of The Haves and Have Nots is Brad shifting, in the sense that what did you do with the Municipal elections? Is the big cities like on Grand in Istanbul voted for the opposition, but smaller towns? You don’t like, I think, also like it when you see the map again, I’m sorry do you want to say something also mention we will finish the waste in the meanest tumble. We will create a more liberal and Democratic City and related in 25. We are talking about the quarter of a century. This is so important. This is where they sociological change has been, has been appearing for a long time, and now the people from the the immigrants became the seasons of the big cities. So it’s also changed everything and it’s a new area of the Kurdish politics is no. They want to show. They also wanted to be have their respect and to be seen as an equal cities or not to be stay on there always calling them like the terrorist. I’M not saying we are calling up birthday and enjoy Democratic rights Hoover party, which decided not to stand that instead threw it support behind that opposition County. When we come back, we’re going to take a look at the challenges that lie had stayed with us you’re watching the France 24 debate, France, 24, a debate and the opposition won by a strong margin, percentage of one that had been scrapped to buy authorities back in March with acetic about it, we’re all so I joined by sociologists, Denisa barczyk Istanbul commentator owner Aaron is with us and to Craig capitis contributing editor at the quartz one. The one hand there are the celebrations this Monday for the opposition on the other, the trial over 16 accused of trying to overthrow ratchet, tie Vera Wang. The group includes renowned businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala who’s detention, since November 2017 is made him a symbol of what critics say is a Crackdown on sale Society in Turkey, he’s accused of orchestrating and financing the protests which began over government plans to build over Gezi Park. In the heart of Istanbul, one of the few green spaces left in the countries of law, Eustis City had trials for that field. Coup attempt back in 2016. These people have been church are just now for a few months, easy case when they’re talking about they’re. Basically, it’s like a coup attempt will say: I’ve been there during the Gizzy protest movement and what I can tell you is that it was. I mean from what see anything that he was asking for a lets people. It was like a very spontaneous movement in the way that no one was expecting socialist people to take the street, and you could buy this this place. Please note in the middle of stamboul texting texting Square. So what I would like to say that we have this case now. This gives a child, that’s just farted, but if you just take in account, I think that’s the time for the government to take the lessons about this results, and this is probably what will happen because I mean it was unknown from a lot of people in Turkey. A small district office Table 6 months at political figure confronting at the most important man of the country who is Bridget, and I about to look at in the world, are, are choosing the presidents who are drawn to polarize the country and and he’s promising just to Help people to make peace between each other, so this is very interesting – will see what will happen with the trial. Ekrem imamoglu seems to have come from nowhere to become a figurehead of the long-suffering Turkish opposition. The soft-spoken logo politician shot to fame through his surprise, win in Istanbul election back in March and the subsequent annulments of that abrir unwich, the CHP have they portrayed as a test for techies democracy. It’Ll save the day to repair a democracy. After a. Of it legal process, that’s been inflicted on our nation, he was a major upset in presidents, ratify bad ones, Hometown. The president did not recognize it and instead called for a rerun citing unless irregularities, the setback actually helped boost profile Buzz at home and abroad. His Twitter, following his sword from 350,000 to more than two and a half million since the first boat. Even some among the ruling party supporters were sympathetic to the opposition candidate. He won the selection and they stripped him of his victory. I’M a supporter of the AKP, but I will now vote to put him Emmylou in protest Aviston bowl at picking up on what Fatima said, we’ve been taught now that what works in politics is vitriol, go for the jugular, try to bash the opposition, and here’s this Guy with a completely different, the mayor, Peter turkey, in a stunning victory for him – and I hope he going forward – but you know what you have to look at the basics – to Basics president order, One controls the Judiciary, he controls the economy, he controls the Army. He controls the police act. Party is still very very powerful organization and economic Straits other than turkey is Argentina, it’s already in terms of in terms of debt in terms of a growth in terms of their currency and which the shame of it is. Turkey is a great country, it has a history as a hard-working people, at 80 million people, Ryan and Peter population, very intelligent classes, some people throughout Checkers down there and what you’ve seen over the past four years is huge Capital flight and intellectual flight leaving the country And that’s, that’s not good. Hopefully, you know the new mayor of Istanbul will will bring a lot of those folks back home, but we have to wait and see us back to the question that was posed by fast, which is what do you do when you’re the government and nobody outside of Turkey believes that there are those who organized the Gezi Park. Protests were trying to Stage a coup. Yes, I really can’t talk in a short. About Gaza Park having been live through the incidents in Bolton Istanbul, Ankara. Actually, it contributed heavily in in a book I bought together Park. There’S one thing that most Turks in Turkey do realize and do accept that gezer Park, especially the after the first four or five days. It turns into something that nobody expected and it’s not everything peaceful. It has nothing to do with green. It has nothing to do with the with the governor’s. After the 4th, there were a number of terrorist groups that infiltrated into the into the arena into the into the square and takes things took a different turn and if so, their acts of Terror. I didn’t hear about this. Seven people have died more than a thousand got injured. There was more than I think, I’m sorry close to a billion dollars in in in business damages within the week more couple more billions afterwards. I said terrorist groups that influence infiltrated into the square to stir up the square. This is something that everybody agrees apart in Turkey, maybe 99.9 %. Turkey is how we got there and why we got their number of people say. There’S a good number of people say that hey the reason we got there is because of our party’s ruling and people that didn’t like how they rule that’s how it started. But how would continue? This is a different story, so we may have a difference of opinion. But after the 4th or the 5th day, the gizzi Park Incident was not a peaceful, it wasn’t a peaceful demonstration, it wasn’t a demonstration about Governors, it wasn’t a demonstration about green or or anything that would actually have to do with Public Power because you covered those.. Do you think that’s when you’re talking about some people who are you dhdhdh, Capuchin pkk Chinese, are saying that and we know that also inside the police killed these people Unitus tattoo to the Court’s jury, hear what I do know. What is what is actually underlined by the Court’s decision is that the there were number of terrorist groups that actually infiltrated into the arena weather on the road police funeral uniform or something that it was not surprised. The show we are terrorists about a lot and that’s again, HD, there’s a bit of a disconnect here, because calling everyone a terrorist, it just seems as though., dhak, Pacey and pkk. If you can put up something that that that’s right now that he said that you could send to me later doesn’t matter, but if a press Open Country like turkey call somebody a terrorist and if that person happens to be the Turkish CHP Istanbul 10 today. That would be all over the news, if that’s what you were doing right now claim that has no grounds, but that doesn’t make any sense. second time that we were going to the election everything you could go so fast and negative when we are talking about something It suddenly became, as with this oldest far together and manifestations. It started with a very again organic. My month-old causes like it’s. It was. It was a huge problem in Istanbul and again, Istanbul has many problems about ecological problems because we have now. This is one of the reasons why people wanted to see my molar because he make he gives some sleep very negative portrait of a turkey we are going. We are doing so. We are defending our Democratic rights. We are going to elections. Young people are very helpful. After the 2016 from the coup d’etat, people emigrated very talented and young people, not some sort of the cherries that we are coming Auntie Democratic tree and I believe in Turkey, which is so important. I want to underline. We just started also before together moments. It didn’t come out of nowhere this month. The protest there’s lots of pressure on the room, Triton turkey, and we stood up for that successful for demanding, say, rice and also you normally so successful to have a campaign with his wife together. Really it was for a long time just say, I’m so sorry like it’s. Actually, the country was looking for a candidate since 2015 after 7th June of election, but it didn’t go out because we didn’t see a new leader. Now there is a hope in a new leader which is conditions, and I think target is not answer Democratic country. I have the hope we have the you and I were at the national. It wouldn’t be the same with it. They would each feel their own candidate. Is it just the end of a cycle now because you depend have to swing back at one point, we’ve heard reports that the former president of the former foreign minister, I meant a double toe loop they’re, considering forming their own political party, run its course for now. With will will just have to wait and see. My daughter asked a question earlier and I would have agreed with you that this election seems to be not won by CHP but lost biak party and the reason I say that is first off. Let’S put this election list, this local elections act party, as with what is MHP, got fifty-one 52 % of the votes, as opposed to the other side, the other qualifications, 37 %, where to buy song, still got 44 and a half percent of the votes, as opposed To 30 % of CHP, which is more than 50 % difference there, the point I’m trying to make is it is so it is still the 2019 elections. How I put it out is that our party has won the war if we have to make an LG, but at the same time it lost many important battles and in and in doing so as injured some of his very important commanders like mr. yildirim. Let’S not forget, even in Istanbul and Ankara in in Antalya, where I parked the law state representative ship off day of the Metropolitan municipality. Gardasil has an overwhelming majority in the city council’s in the borough mayor ships of each Metropolitan City. So is this a big warning, as some of party members call it to ardoin to act? Maybe can this fact you.? Can this result take CHP, take him or to further steps? We will wait and see, but, let’s not forget with everything, said and done missing. My mom, let’s watch it, Istanbul than Mister injured, CHP presidential candidate from last year and Mr scary girl from 2014 race, 1 Eddie Kendricks. So now we both can’t hear, hear or see them in the political Arena. new party form. You believe it that will there be enough, a breakaway party with former president going with the former foreign minister, but what is interesting just to complete, what’s owner set the depart, Tak party and I will probably have to learn their lessons. As I said before, from the selections below – let’s not forget, and we all know that that project I ever done is very very so: let’s, let’s not be too quick in some taking some conclusions so such as what what can you expect? How do you spell everyone’s? A rebound policy Richard Pryor Baird, the one who takes on all comers when need be. We saw it last week when he was critical after the death of Egypt, former president Mohammed Morsi and then s-400 missile from Russia, Richard Pryor Baird. One consistently shrugging off pressure from the United States to back out of that deal like in these images back in April when he visited Moscow already made an agreement and if we’ve signed all documents, but of course we will move on with that. This is our Sovereign rights. This is our decision. No one can ask us to find the net force of all of of this disease. The bodies s-400 missile strike penis. That gives him a legitimacy in the west of legitimacy that has been eroding over the past five years coming from Syria and other countries into Europe. Any holds that over the you, those are is too big Trump cards. I can tell you that the American government, the US government, is, is Disturbed with president of the ones Antics with the Russians, because he is supposed to call him. Antix spell turkey from NATO, which would be a disaster for the Turkish people. The other thing you have to remember there’s a third factor and to disrespect he wants the United States to to give him waivers on Iranian sanctions, so the turkey can buy oil and other petrochemical products Moran, and he doesn’t like the extra turn Boreal hand of the United States coming in to tell his government what to do, and I think he’s right on that issue, because turkey, a turkey, could be a very effective broker through NATO, with Iran and and other countries in the region. But as far how’s. The western western leaders, both in Washington on Foreign Relations Committee, very senators and and Farah polishing elected Farm policy officials rhino in Europe. They are not satisfied with his ability to work in concert. The West, even though he’s a NATO member and the word they use over and over not. My word belligerence, uncontrolled belligerents. That is the phrase that is used, are two questions. First of all, how impacted by soldiers and what they want to say that was blowing from NATO is almost an impossible. It’S very difficult, so they told me that quickly. So that’s the first thing. The second point I also would like to make about this statement. We are just saying that, like a position between turkey and the United States, but I think we also need to remind that there is Russia and turkey, because of Syria is dependents. If we can say from Russia, so they have to. I mean what they say and today for Minister Mabel cho cho Lou said that again he said it was absolutely no way to cancel this deal made with Russia, and I think that would be very nice to think that has no link was with Syria and with A what’s Ricky is trying to to do inside Syria still knowing that that all sounds very nice and very geopolitical. But what would happen if France, right now in NATO member, decided to go out and buy a Russian anti-aircraft weapons? What would happen if an uproar – and there isn’t I’m here its present form policy and disrespect as a NATO member – has been a failure for the alliance? I know, but nothing happened to Greece and two other members how’s the country, so it should tell people – and this is what the mainstream media controlled by pro-government groups are saying at telling people that it’s like it’s a matter of national survival and it’s a matter of Security, so I would say that most of the people – probably backing – are done on this, but also they’re doing what might happen if Trump suddenly decide to take some sanctions. That’S also the problem to to fight those sections. You have the problem with halkbank. I think you’re still in jail United States, not the United States has been handcuffing turkeys ability to get itself out of the economic mess. It is it that that is clear and present is correct on that. But if you want, you wanted you as a friend not as an enemy and you’re buying new generation show Russian Weaponry, not old generation Russian Weaponry. I stayed in Greece that shed how to go through. It’S a shame that the prisoner one could could not reach an agreement with the United States, regardless of Donald Trump in the White House, to to avoid this from happening. Do I want to thank as well, but my kids are boa Denise, barczyk and they’re, also with his only wearing from Istanbul. Thank you for being with us here in the France 24. Today,
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Recep Tayep Erdogan’s famed mantra “whoever wins Istanbul wins Turkey” ringing loud after the country’s president forced a rerun of the March 31st municipal and lost. We will break down the vote in the city where Erdogan served as mayor a quarter century ago and ask if it id a turning point for a nation that has seen more and more power concentrated in the hands of one man. The win makes new mayor Ekram Imamoglu of the center-left C-H-P an instant factor in Turkish politics.

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