Turning the world’s junk into robots – BBC News

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Turning the world’s junk into robots – BBC News
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Turning the world’s junk into robots – BBC News
A child’s toy from an unlikely sauce made from other people’s unwanted waste. This is plastic, so we print it with the 3D printer Oki 3D printer yeah. We made it to the printer from from waste material, so we recycle old printers commercial painters and we take parts that you to make. The frame museum is one of a growing number of young entrepreneurs who sees the potential of E-Waste as an emerging business in Togo. His vision is to empower our children through science. That’S me, we we produce and sell the signs dates. To have students, and mostly cleaned and girls, be interested in science and solve the problem, no problem we have in our communities. It’S estimated nearly half a million tons of used electrical Goods arrive here through the photo of Loma every year from old, mobile phones and laptops through to TV and generators, Rising demand for the latest, second-hand electronics at bargain prices. But we’ve been told that 80 % of imports that are sold at markets like these no longer work, despite internet convention that band the movement of non-working Electronics, they find their way to the shows hidden inside vehicles that have been shipped from the West. This Market, wouldn’t let cameras in so we filmed. Would we could enough? When did TVs come out and if these electronic Goods don’t work, they likely end up here in landfill sites across the capital and just look at this the cover of a slide projector. And if you look closely, you can actually see that it was made in West. Germany, almost three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This ended up here, assuming example, of how Google is fast becoming a Dumping Ground for the wells and wanted E-Waste for those dismantling. Discarded tektronix come serious risks. Toxic materials like Mercury and Lead can be contained within them. There are people here what trying to reprocess this material safely in recycling centers. It seems I want a cheaper, but even every time scene whose business depends on the Scottish technology is concerned about the long-term environmental cost. Easy keep my ticket at the looks of people who make a living from the fact that he weighs just coming into the country and regulating it would reduce the amount of money that can be made, but a lot of the ways which arise. He is dangerous. So we should really think about impacted, could have on our environment challenges popping up across the capital, including here, where children as young as 10, a landing ways to recycle electronics safely in a country with limited job opportunities. Startups like these could provide trouble with some of the answers to a sustainable technological future. Bbc News Togo
Togo imports an estimated 500,000 tonnes of e-waste a year, some of it can be a health hazard, but it also inspires local innovators and provides jobs, as Waihiga Mwaura reports.

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