Twitter stock price falls as user base declines

one day after a record drop and share price put Facebook into the history books this morning it appears to be Twitter’s turn with a massive decline of its own Twitter like Facebook is struggling to rid its social media site of hackers and fake account and that was costing money Scott Peterson is following this story for us so yesterday was Facebook today it’s Twitter is this the start of a bigger trend media sites whether it’s Twitter or Facebook have to be more accountable to the subscriber’s into privacy in that cost money so these are the facts and this is what investors reaction to this morning as far as the decline on Twitter that one they reported that they have three 35 million monthly users that Twitter does not report on a daily user so that’s as close as we can get now cording the animals they were expecting that to go up by a million users but it actually went down by a million users and that seems to be the new reality because Twitter like Facebook has been cutting down on you know I hate speech on spam on the fake accounts and abusive Behavior so they’ve been closing accounts not opening and that’s what the reaction to soap up but right now on Twitter like Facebook having to spend more on security in for example face or Twitter is now spending about a half a billion dollars a lot of that to increase security cost because they have to be more accountable in this reality with governments and with her with her subscriber base also worried about how much data these companies have is ball into the future and in the next it’s possible Quarters Facebook and Google and Twitter for that math are saying the people that were talking to make the money that we used to make because it’s costing us more to maintain these accounts and they’re cleaning up these accounts it’s costing extra money but the price to pay why is it is a far lesser evil than if governments actually came in and started making regulation and fines and so they’re getting the house in order and we seeing that react with Twitter shares this morning as well
Cracking down on hate, abuse and online trolls is also hurting Twitter’s standing with investors. The company’s stock dropped more than 18 per cent to $35.03 US on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday morning after it reported a decline in its monthly users, and warned that the number could fall further in the coming months.

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