Two transgender women debate Caster Semenya’s testosterone case

Two transgender women debate Caster Semenya’s testosterone case
Two transgender women debate Caster Semenya’s testosterone case
South African Olympic Athlete, Caster semenya, has lost her legal battle against the track and field governing body. The court of arbitration of four top how the decision to impose a limit on how much testosterone female athlete, those with naturally high levels, will have to take medication to suppress their testosterone if they want to compete too many of one gold in the 800m at the 2016 Olympics in Rio because of her unusually high testosterone level, it’s believed her intersex condition makes her testosterone, naturally High and, of course, I’ve told that today so was that a fair ruling and what will be the implication joining me now from Calgary is Kristen Worley Kristen Is a Canadian cyclist who is taking the international Olympic Committee and one over there policy on hormone regulation and in Portland medical adviser to the ioc Joanna Harper? Welcome to you both action to the ruling today important to understand that athletes with XY DSD such as semenya, have testes. They have middle levels of circulating restaurants in Hendersonville like athletic advantage. It is a difficult decision, but I I think that, in order to be fair to Canadian athletes like Melissa, Bishop decision Kristen Worley, it’s very disappointing. When this happened, I think what we were able to show Carol and Toronto. We actually brought scientific research, proper scientific research from Top experts from around the world, who are experts in in in microbiology and neurosciences to be able to to bring for the issues that I’ve without what does an athlete in the impact, my physiology as a transition athlete The policies that are currently out there and have transpired over two decades transition in participating who are dealing with issues of gender variance or transition in their lives. Besides, the science has never been done by the ioc and shown that in the in our case in Toronto, human rights violations testosterone level, the best way of determining whether someone is male or female is male or female. That’S infected very complicated question, however, if we break it down into one small part of being male or female. I e what sporting category to compete in testosterone is the primary reason that male athletes outperformed female athletes, and one of them in his own experts, said precisely those words, so it’s so. That is why testosterone is best measure that we have in 2019 to put male and female into bar. Looking for that simple solution, so the Sporting Community, that the Olympic movement has parallel that of society and not looking at the variance of the human about human physiology, which we all share. So the issue in terms of talking about sieoc, accredited Sunbrella in terms of the identities between male and female Yashica, comparing apples to oranges. So when you’re, bringing into a decision and discussion around testosterone, the female physiology hormone is not testosterone. It’S human growth hormone, secondary hormone for XX, chromosome individuals is, is testosterone, whereas his somebody who has XY chromosome is a primary Homer is solely testosterone because of reproductive. So when you reduce the hormone levels, quote-unquote is what the ioc has been suggesting. Eif2A level. Somebody was XY chromosome to the level of somebody was XY is greatly impacted because of decreased and function. It’S like taking the gas in your car. You bought your car starts to lose functionality. So very much like we have in sport. There is hypogonadism Stan’s that there is regulated doping control from for males who have lost levels of testosterone because what happens if become unwell over a. Of time, so the ioc in the world anti-doping agency. So it’s already in the anti-dumping code under the hyperlink. What makes you a worse athlete right, so somebody who is, who is the male phenotype or XY chromosomes in the primary hormone, is testosterone, so you’re, actually deleting that hormone you’re making that person well over a. Of time where somebody who has XX chromosome on the issue Is that they don’t have the same effect, but this ruling will actually make people on well. The standard medical therapy for intersex people who have the same semenya has and have a female gender identity is to lower testosterone, precisely as was done is mandated by the iwf. For intersex athletes, so this medical therapy is exactly what has been prescribed. I don’t see a problem with it. Your experience. What happened to you, because you had to take this well, that’s right, Carolyn, and I think that what’s really important here is that what happens? Is the issue? Is it when you, when you go through a transition, your body loses the ability to generate hormones because lose the GoNoodle function, so that would be the testicles or the ovary depending on the sex of the body, so the body no longer can can. Can drive molecular function in the in the in the human physiology overtime? Other blowers are Transit, lower the testosterone or loses the ability to generate testosterone at the primary hormone. Certain aspects of the function of your body starts to decrease and even stopped functioning. The biggest part of the issue here donated individual level, which we can’t even talk about testosterone, because one person don’t understand the basic physiology between the Sexes but, more importantly, the issues that this has to be done at an individual level. Because it’s not based on male or female is based on on the three functions: DNA chromosomes and the individuals ability of the person’s body to be able to it’s called receptors ability to receive that that hormone individual level for women. Generally. If this ruling were not allowed to stand, if it was, you know, I think it would be very unfortunate for Four Women sport in general. I think that one of the biggest advances for women in the last hundred years has been the Advent of a women’s sports and, and I think that it is Paramount that we have women succeeding in sport at the professional level. And I think that this had this ruling gone the other way. I think it would have been detrimental to those very important calls because, as I say, to allow women to succeed and if we don’t have a proper wet method of separating male athletes from female athletes, then we jeopardize eichel. Exactly give me a. I would suggest that any human being, who has testes, has male levels of testosterone and has functioning Androgen receptors should be competing in the division. That is the correct sporting category for those individuals, regardless of their gender identity, women. No, no, of course not. There are many factors involved in sports success, however, the best men will always beat the best women, and so I you are substantially jeopardizing women’s sports in this unjust. The best man. Hundreds of men, thousands of men every year will beat the best women and so again to allow human beings with testes with functioning antigen receptors and male testosterone levels in the women’s sports would be a travesty Carol. At the end of the day, we are talkin about athletes of dealing with issues of of a variance of sex development, we’re talking about a human being. What is supposed to be representative that what what the ioc has done historically over it’s over years as try to and what this is gone going here, is what these people have done as selected created a social ideal, male and female sport. When trying to look for the science of try to fit a square peg into a round hole and what’s happening, is it splintering all the way around it? What we need to have to do Carol to make sport and bring sport through that Evolution, which we we do as human beings is for us as a society to cut catch up to. What’S going on in terms of this interlacing of our diversity as individuals between the Sexes and identifying that within the sport system, so instead of having creating an ID trying to fit science into that, let’s look at the science in the research and then try to create A sporting system that supports that Joanna Harper medical advisor to the international Olympic Committee,
Two-time Olympic champion Caster Semenya lost her appeal against rules designed to decrease naturally high testosterone levels in some female runners. Kristen Worley, a Canadian cyclist who has taken the International Olympic Committee to court and Joanna Harper, a medical adviser to the IOC, discuss the issues surrounding the case.
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