U.K. MPs reject Boris Johnson’s request for early election | Power & Politics

U.K. MPs reject Boris Johnson’s request for early election | Power & Politics
U.K. MPs reject Boris Johnson’s request for early election | Power & Politics
Five nights at the leader of the opposition has once again. In his place: stop the election. The people from behind Britain’s political future husband left in turmoil, a series of major losses over opposition forces and conservatives voted to seize control of the Parliamentary agenda. Second, they pass deflation that would prevent Johnson from taking Britain out of the EU without a deal on October 31st. In response, the Prime Minister table the motion calling for a snap election to let the people decide tonight. So MPS rejected it. So what happens next? Susan? At Lejeune. is the British High Commissioner to Canada. She joins me now highlights High Commissioner. It’S fantastic. I mean we were talking earlier that it is just you can’t stop watching it, but it’s a process looking as it should do, but it’s the time of instability and it’s the time to explain. What’S going on, will there be an election? Do you think, before the end of October unlikely, but it’s not impossible its – it will depend a a portion of two sides of the parliament …, That’s a big voting in favor of another elections and that’s what they tried to do today and I failed their vote Today reflects the sentiment of people in the UK. Do think there is an appetite for another election for getting something done being paralyzed in favor of anything. This is even less stable than it was because as well as 1 and pay crossing the floor yesterday to join the liberal Democrats taken away from them. Pharmacist position is very difficult, but that’s been the case since Theresa May was elected government didn’t have a parliamentary majority. That’S what makes this particular challenging for the government or leaving without a deal as leverage in negotiations with the EU? Do you think that will even work it leverage, difficult promises, made it very clear that his preference is to leave the EU with a deal, but he’s also made it very clear that he’s determined that we should leave on the 31st of October. There are a small team of people in regular contact with you, Brussels, who are leading these negotiations Elite Oaks on. But yes, we only have two weeks and theory of parliamentary time before that happens, so excited might be using people in the UK anticipate the possibility of a heart out. Do you think? That’S even what might happen the deadline gets pushed or something happens to make sure that that isn’t the eventuality people more aware that that is a real possibility now what they need to do to be properly prepared. So I think, there’s more of a sense that it is a potentially could happen. Then I will stay six months ago. Yeah, look at the uncertainty that exists right now. What might happen at that point? I think it’s, I think it’s the position. If there’s no deal, we would still leave without a deal unless there was an extension to to the article 50.. So, yes, that’s still will the table, but I think what pollen is made very clear. His opponent does not want that to happen so that that that that that they did lead, the people who have motion on the table have said that they would like it to be. Will they want it to happen before Parliament is pero? So they’ve got a small window, but they do have a window to make it happen. I’M sure you have a lot of people play understand it, particularly in this country. What do you say to people who are concerned about the uncertainty economically at this is already created and the potential for even greater economic uncertainty at the fundamentals, the British economy is strong so that we have a strong economy. We have a climate which is great for investors, it’s very easy to do business in the UK. We have a rule of law. There is some hesitancy In some cultures, tu-22 Investments at the moment, but you know whatever happens. Put things in place in the Bank of England will take measures to make stabilized continue to 2 to have a great, thriving Financial Center. I get. It hits the dropped to its the Sterling Rock to its weakest level on three years that were Johnson lost. That in the front of your loss, is working, but there is. Is it certified? It’S a bit of a balanced life of companies which only ever say something about Steve. Hey, that’s not necessarily A Bad Thing. Do you want to know that your representative, something else that is all that’s Jihadi Jack? The relocation of his citizenship by the British government deal on who he had been given a heads-up and and some of his colleagues. They tried to convince their British counterparts not to do this, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. You are surprised if it did, because it’s a is. It is one case, and I think the reason to be Catholic, saints and discuss between what city was a heads-up given to the subsequent disagreement with the British government, abdicating their responsibility and throwing it on the Canadian government. That’S not the way I would describe chocolates back in the country right to the top. It says it’s a Powell, that’s not used very often that use sparingly, but I think the evidence that the then home secretary had in front of him that he felt it was the right decision to take of the time. There’S a certain debate and discussion going on right now to repatriate people who are accused or convicted because in this case, he’s not convicted of participating in terrorism. Terrorist activities have to face Justice at some point, but I think one of the difficulties is sort of evidence that you can deny about crimes committed in those holes of circumstances. How do you make sure if you bring somebody back at the evidence that you put in front of a cold will be enough to come pick them? We sure, though, and is there still, despite that lack of assurance, an obligation on the part of countries like Britain, like Canada, to bring those people home and at least trying nice to see you again preciate your time is Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost a bid to force a snap election amid a debate about whether to delay Brexit rather than leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement.

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