U.K. prime minister to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit

U.K. prime minister to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit
U.K. prime minister to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit
There are political fireworks in Britain this morning over a surprise, move today by British prime minister, Boris Johnson to suspend to limit the powers of the opposition to intervene on a No Deal. Brexit side Westminster, the British Parliament Renee. What is the latest, the sour surprise to members of parliament who are all on their summer vacation? In fact, only a few cabinet ministers knew that the prime minister going to call up the queen this morning and asked her to prorogue government. Now, there’s a reason that he’s there’s a reason he says he’s doing this and there’s reasons that are creating a lot of concern. It has to do with the fact that the timeline to come up with a solution to brexit is shrinking. Here’S what it will do. Parliament was supposed to sit again on Monday for a number of weeks, but instead this will suspend Parliament the week of September 10th and it won’t resume until October 14th. So number of opposition he’s had got together and said they would do everything they could to stop a No Deal brexit or to try to get an extension. And then there were going to use the legislature to do that. It appears they won’t have the time to get through anything that would be effective in making a crashing out of eievui that possibility business-as-usual. This is about resetting the Parliamentary agenda and that there are no concerns about a lack of time to come up with a solution to brexit and talk specifically about the fact that he will have a final meeting with EU leaders on October 17th to listen to what He had to say the MP’s to debate, Ivy YouTube and the other issues is assertion know Renee. What is the reaction been while we’re hearing reports? Heather? That’S a labor leader, Jeremy corbyn has in fact written a letter to the queen, raising his concerns about this and the fact that it goes against for the Tyler Democratic process and he’s actually asked for a meeting with the queen. Over this. We heard from the leader of the Scottish national party Nicola sturgeon. She has some very strong words. I haven’t listened to her from earlier this morning to Italy, condemned parliament in order to force through a No Deal brexit, which route and Lasting damage to the country against the wishes of empties is not democracy, dictatorship and don’t come together next week. Just don’t Boris Johnson in his tracks that died at the simply can’t be allowed to happen. The Speaker of the House, John bercow, and he sent out a statement of very strong statement, and it reads, however, it is dressed up. It is blindingly obvious that the purpose of provocation now would be to stop Parliament debating brexit and performing his duty and shaping, of course, for the country. Now there are questions now about whether this move by Boris Johnson could lead to a non-confidence vote. It was something that they didn’t have the numbers to get through before, but with all this anger towards the move, prorogue Parliament, some of those things Heather Renee. Thank you very much sounds like there’s going to be more from Jeremy corbyn on this today and for mothers and you’re right there at Westminster to bring us all of the reaction. Thank you, Rene filippone
British opposition legislators have reacted with fury to news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will seek a suspension of the U.K. Parliament to hamper efforts to quash a no-deal Brexit.

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