U.K. warship warned Iranian military against seizing tanker in recording

U.K. warship warned Iranian military against seizing tanker in recording
U.K. warship warned Iranian military against seizing tanker in recording
We are learning more about Iran, seizure of that British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf. A recording has surfaced of radio messages between anarania, military commander and UK warship just minutes before the capture. The exchange is providing you in 8 into Fridays, confrontation and the escalating tensions between pay, rent and the West. I want to inspect the ship for security. Rebecca Collard has also been listening to the recordings and she joins me now from Beirut. So Rebecca, can you take us through these radio messages and some more detail, a British Marine, Consulting security firm? Are they put them out this morning and since then, we’ve been listening and getting really an insight into what happened on Friday before this British flag tanker was taken into a ray paucity, and why don’t you listen to a bit more of that? Take Jaclyn 0° immediately. This is 336, please talking to this denim. Asking it to change Court, saying go 360° off of your course and that you will be safe and then the second body was found this British warship and it’s actually don’t listen, stay on your porch. You were in an authorized official international shipping lanes and you don’t need to abide by this and then, of course, we had that first clip that we heard that at the top of the show Jacqueline where which is essentially the British vessel warning the Arabian not board The British ship, those warnings were not heated and in the end we had these Visa Iranian troops actually born into sin Santana.. We had this really dramatic video that the better bonds revolutionary guard, the ships surrounding the tenant Bureau and then this helicopter overhead and then eventually, these troops masked and actually rappelling by rope onto the death of the ship. So you know a Ron’s line. Is that this British flag tanker Collide within a radius fishing boats and then didn’t respond to distress, calls and because of that it had it had broken maritime law and because of that, it was taken into a ring in custody and eventually into this already in porch. But of course, as you mentioned Jacqueline, this is coming after weeks, be ready and saying that they wanted to take a British tanker in retaliation for this rainy and tanker that was taken in a very similar fashion by British Marines are about 2 weeks ago near Gibraltar. So very very interesting development and really interesting to be what else are you hearing from the arena in government? What are they saying about this incident today from the has been what I just told you find of there their line the last couple of days, but a couple of interesting statements, first from around foreign minister on Twitter, calling for prudence and foresight, is a way to Reduce the tension but also saying that this was an attempt by US President Donald Trump trump to UK entities. Tensions between the US and around, and the second thing that we heard was statements from also on Twitter, from Iran’s ambassador to the UK. Saying the wrong was ready for any scenario and shame that they were domestic political forces in it in the UK that were trying to raise these tension. So that was also quite interesting, and the last thing that we heard was from British Marine officials who said that these 23er on this ship – and we do know that the company that owns this ship has requested to the Arabians to visit the ship and so far That request has not been granted to have to keep an eye on that over the next few hours in the next few days, Joplin
A recording has surfaced of radio messages between an Iranian military commander and a U.K. warship just minutes before the capture of a British tanker in the Persian Gulf.

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