U.S. Congress votes to condemn Trump tweets

U.S. Congress votes to condemn Trump tweets
U.S. Congress votes to condemn Trump tweets
We begin in Washington, where it’s been a contentious day on Capitol Hill members in the House of Representatives have just voted in favor of a resolution condemning comments from President Donald Trump said. The resolution calls his comments directed at for female members of as of racist. That Trump said. If these Democratic Congress, women of color did not like the United States, they should go back to the countries they come from. He also said they hate America, 42 Nazar 187. The resolution is adopted without objection to motion to reconsider, is laid on the table and one independent also voted for the resolution. The vast majority of Republicans sided with the president and voted against it for more on this, I’m now joined by the hill reporter Julia Manchester who’s in Washington Julia. Let’S begin with understanding the significance of the resolution. That’S just been passed. I think this is the symbolic measure that was essentially passed in. This is something that can really hold the president. You don’t condemn him on these remarks and I think it basic Josie on democrats for the record condemning them on the floor of the house. In the majority of the body of the house condemning the president, but yes, this is symbolic in its nature, but you know your solo and you’re, seeing a lot of Republicans like oh, that the program played a little earlier, who are frustrated clearly and very much defending The president on this issue, so you know a lot to really unpack here. I saw another reporter tweet today that the hottest club in Washington right now with the floor, the representatives because we saw how you know so much of the rhetoric – is really getting heated at on the floor. So you a lot to unpack, but clearly this is a very symbolic move to condemn President Trump describe some of that. What were some of the standout moments? You know, I think you saw a lot of backing up the squad. Is there? No that’s Alexandria, ocasio-cortez, Omar and Rashida tlaib, and really calling the president racist. But you saw as a uniform Republicans vo along with Democrats, to condemn the president in along with Justin Amash, the former Republican congressman, who is becoming independent, and you has been very critical of President Trump another one of those Republicans who voted in favor. Of condemning these remarks with Congressman will Hurd, who represents a Texas congressional district, that’s majority. Hispanic will hurt himself his ass American, so clearly a personal issue for him, but yes, lots of heated back and forth, and clearly this is really drawing along party lines. You mentioned that for Republicans. Sided with the resolution sided with the Democrats, and you have that Former Republic is now an independent. There was some thinking earlier in the day that Republicans would just not show up, as so that they wouldn’t necessarily have to participate in the vote, because they were so uncomfortable with the nature of the debate is: how do you say for the most part, quite a Bit of Republican showing up to this, I think if no one had showed up that would look like Republicans, may be running away and that wouldn’t be very strategic for them in the long run, and I think they wanted to show up to what this was really Fight on the floor of the house – and they also wanted to show up to defend President Trump. You know they are very much as a whim of President Trump. He was very popular within the Republican party, so I think the present is very much expecting the Republican members in the house to defend amen, kind of stay aligned with him on this issue. Let’S talk about the president of what are going to be the next steps for him. As this debate continues, you know, I think the president is going to if we look at his past right or I can pass controversy – he’s going to really dig in on this issue, and I don’t think I don’t see him really apologizing anytime soon and it’s interesting Because if you talk to some Republicans behind closed doors, as well as Republican strategist, they’re very frustrated has a president with a growing economy and declining unemployment rate when he sitting here kind of getting involved with internal Democratic inciting, which is all how this started started out. Kind of infighting between Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house and for progressives and Trump essentially inserted himself into this bra and he could be taught tweeting about the economy and how much job growth is happening under his administration. I think it’s been slowly going into 2020. A lot of Republican strategist, a lot of those Republican house members we’ve heard from, would want him to talk about the economy. Can that will help them as well? But we know that President Trump doesn’t really listen to Listen to communication strategist or he’s going to Tweet and say really what he wants. Do you think that this was an emotional response for him? These comments he’s tweets, or was he being strategic just in a different way than his advisors would like? I’M it’s very possible, and I think there was a lot strategy involved behind this. Remember, President Trump’s entire campaign, going back to when he launched in 2015, was launched on kind of a race that racially charged. You know nativist sentiment well, he talked about closing American borders, building a wall with Mexico kind of blaming Outsiders and kind of Labor labeling foreigners. As others, so I think she understands that immigration is something that will get his bass laughing. We saw him doing it in the 2018 midterm elections when he was trying to turn out Republicans to vote, so I think this could be a way for him to kind of continue to rile up his base but, like I said before, he inserted himself in argument Between Democratic members, remember this all started last week when Nancy Pelosi, how that meeting with the Democratic caucus and essentially said there are four of you who continue to criticize our strategy when it comes to maybe making a Republicans in the administration in that needs to stop And you saw Alexandria ocasio-cortez, give an interview with the New York Times and essentially suggest that Nancy Pelosi is targeting four of her own members who happen to be women color. So that’s where the entire? It’S a saga, kind of all began and President Trump inserted himself into that. So I’m wondering if there was some kind of calculus to try to. Maybe you know expose the infighting within the Democratic party, but that President Trump’s favor, because we’ve seen that Democrats have United completely behind the squad on Twitter. Okay, hearing that there was going to be a discussion on the floor about introducing an impeachment process. So is that in fact was taking place now and if it is how how will that whole process unfold, Congressman Al Green from Texas and remember before? Who has continued to call for impeachment proceedings against President Trump but you’re, actually seeing a lot of Democrats? Who don’t want to go in that direction, namely Nancy Pelosi? Who has been kind of outspoken against impeachment and who is kind of take this process slowly and because impeachment could be a way to really rally up. President Trump’s base so you’re saying Democrats really torn on this issue. Al Green, in particular, has continued, I mean ever since President Trump took office in 2016 has called for impeachment. So you know this is kind of a continuation of his message on that is lengthy. He could even happen. So is this going to be a big distraction for the Democrats if they are really pushing in that direction, it could be a big distraction, but I guarantee you Nancy Pelosi will at least try and really wealthy success. I’M trying to prevent that oxygen and that attention thing Sean on impeachment. She wants her members who are up for re-election to focus on health care and economic issues, kitchen table issues that impact everyday Americans you’re going to try to see her pushing for that and remember. I even if President Trump were to be impeached in the democratically-controlled house, it would then go to the republican-controlled Senate where would most certainly hit a dead end. So there is that calculus is to are. Democrats want to spend that political time and capital on something? That’S going to eventually fail on the upper chamber. Okay, Julia will continue to watch the debate. Thank you. That’S Julia Manchester Washington DC
The U.S. House of Representatives voted in favour of a resolution condemning President Donald Trump’s racially charged attacks on four Democratic congresswomen. The tally is 240-187 with four Republicans and one Independent joining the Democrats.

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