U.S. ‘heartbeat bills’ raise fears over Canadian abortion rights

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U.S. ‘heartbeat bills’ raise fears over Canadian abortion rights
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U.S. ‘heartbeat bills’ raise fears over Canadian abortion rights
U.S. ‘heartbeat bills’ raise fears over Canadian abortion rights
Freedom cannot be bought with the blood of our children than it does to the mother. The debate in Missouri today, emotional and, I sure hope they vote all up out the vote punctuated by cries from the gallery, but in the end, in this Republican legislature it wasn’t even closed. The bill passed 210 to 44 now goes to the governor and after comments. Like this Administration will not be, there is no question he intends to find this week in this country. Some Canadians worried about what could happen here and with the federal election coming up. Some Canadian politicians picked up on that anxiety. You don’t matter it’s a discussion. All over social media reaction to the abortion debate in the US Was Heard by Canadian politicians backsliding on women’s rights and the Prime Minister quickly flayed on those fears. Conservative governments and conservative politicians taking away rights that have been fought over many many years. The Liberals even sent out this fundraising email, citing 12 conservative MP, who attended last week’s March for Life Champy’s. It will come because of a Groundswell across this country. Of people, like yourself, is the threat. I’Ve made it very, very clear, absolute confidence that a conservative Government after the election October will not reopen. This issue sounds like the usual liberal. If your mom Kris, it happens every single time, there’s election coming up, where conservatives have a chance and remember, the Harper government was in power for nearly a decade and abortion was never re criminalized. Despite pressure from social conservatives are government’s going to do everything we can to keep from reopening that particular debate, more education on these issues. We are talking to each other constantly we are watching out. We are aware of our rights, and we will be fighting for our rights will continue to try to make this into an issue to distinguish themselves from the conservatives, even if the issue itself is not on the table. Cbc News Ottawa,
Missouri became the latest U.S. state to pass a so-called “heartbeat bill,” banning abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. It has many in Canada worried something like that could happen here. With a federal election just months away, politicians are capitalizing on those concerns.

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