U.S. imposes sweeping sanctions on Venezuela | Power & Politics

U.S. imposes sweeping sanctions on Venezuela | Power & Politics
U.S. imposes sweeping sanctions on Venezuela | Power & Politics
U.S. is taking tough new action against the regime of Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela. The US has historically imposed on Cuba and North Korea. All assets of the government in the US will now be frozen. Frozen will be bad, are meeting in Peru to discuss the crisis. So what Android Canada follow suit and Rosewell is a former president of the Canadian International Council. He joins us from Toronto. Thank you very much for your time. Today, sir Jump Right In and asked you, the US announced a sweeping new sanctions. What impact could that have on the crisis is a step away from the restoration of democracy in Venezuela and not towards it, because it’s going to divide the International Community at a time when we desperately need in Venezuelans desperately need the International Community to be United to Come together and to put an end to the devastating humanitarian crisis in that country, so you would say Canada should not follow suit. Is that your advice? I don’t think we should follow up until now has been admirably focused on empowering individual Venezuelan citizens? We’Ve been supporting the return of the Constitution, because that means that Venezuelans will be select their own government, so they’re calling the shots and not Outsiders. We have been recognized. One whydo is a president, because that’s what the elected representatives of Venezuelans that’s, who they have put their trust in and likewise we have been full sing on providing humanitarian assistance to help restore the quality of life of individual Venezuelan citizens. When you introduce a blockade, the completely cuts off the economy of Venezuela from the outside world, that does hurt the it also hurts individual Venezuelan citizens, and I also think it might reinforce the solidarity of people around Madero. At a time when his resume is quite divided and a more sophisticated strategy would be to try and Corso’s divisions by offering some olive branches to those that might turn away from president Maduro to jump in there with these new sanctions, we know that the Americans also Want to see the EU embrace sanctions wants Canada, Canada is the US Representative last week we’ll get to that in a moment. But what do you think the motivations here are from the Americans move forward with this step is, if you don’t think it’s going to help the actual people, Venezuela pressure, they do want to change the government in Venezuela, which is different. It’S a subtle difference, but when you think about it, what we’re trying to do in Canada is to empower the people of Venezuela to choose their own government, regardless of what that this is going to be. The United States has gone one step further and said they’re going to change the government almost regardless of what the people of Venezuela pheasant was deeply unpopular in Venezuela, and so I think, they’re probably cheering on the United States, important Winward, promoting democracy overseas. To always put the emphasis on the will of the individual citizens of that country they’re the ones who should be driving changed and not Outsiders and that’s what you accomplished by restoring a constitution called for by having elections. But when you impose a solution from the outside weather through military force, thank God, the United States doesn’t seem to be going down that direction right now or a blockade, which is war actually sets Venezuelan citizens back from the situation they need to be in, which is Where the other ones calling the shots en Venezuela, given his past history in Latin America, his involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair, which he later admitted to withholding information of Congress and was found guilty and then had to be later pardoned by George HW Bush.. His involvement in what happened in El Salvador are you concerned about his involvement on the Trump team in this Administration. I do think that the presidents shows more interest in asserting American dominance than in supporting human rights and democracy overseas and, if officials, that report to show similar inclinations that isn’t terribly surprising, the United States does, I think, have a tradition under previous administrations of being real Champion of Human Rights and democracy, not always, but there has been a tradition in the history of America, I’m policy of fighting for those those principles, and that seems to be absent in the Trump Administration. Well, unfortunately, this was the venue of this meeting in Lima. Was the venue of the unfortunate Announcement by the United States of this new blockade? As I say, I think this is going to divide the International Community, just as the Lima group was, I take making some real strides, expanding the consensus Beyond The Neighbors of Venezuela, which is what the Lima group essentially is to some holder countries that have been supporting Maduro, in spite of his widespread rejection by the by the Venezuela, I think this is a setback to that effort, because it will polarize the International Community between those that will comply with us measures and those that will resent it and try to and try to block It play the Trump Administration, this issue, whether it’s either., the leading role at the Lima group and has been really trying to organize whether its support for Venezuelans or support for whatever changed that is going to happen in Venezuela. The American government is very powerful and very influential, but the United States has been an observer to that group so to send cabinet secretaries and to make to choose. The Lima group is the venue for making this quite unfortunate announcement. I think does back from where the leadership has been up until now and should remain witches with the Venezuelan people. They have elected representatives, light by 100 that have been determining what the political strategy for restoring the country to democracy is Shining Light on the fact that it’s Venezuelans that are leading this effort, but the United States not so much 60. More of our show, by subscribing to the CBC News, Channel or click the length for another video thanks for watching
U.S. President Donald Trump imposed a sweeping set of sanctions on Venezuela aimed at driving Nicolas Maduro from power.
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