U.S.-Iran tensions continue to rise amid confusion

U.S.-Iran tensions continue to rise amid confusion
U.S.-Iran tensions continue to rise amid confusion
As he often does Donald Trump play in the media this time for confusing around about us intentions, I might be a good site, so they put out the fake news. They put out messages these people right back here. They seem to be talking about a Wall Street Journal report that said around was confused by recent us actions. Actions such as drawing attention to us we’ll build up in the Persian Gulf, even though it was a routine and long-planned deployment. The reports of those movements were accurate, though they might indeed have confused the irradiance. They certainly seem to have confused you as lawmakers. A lot of hers feel like they’re in the dark and they dropped the ball on this. The unanswered question again is: are they reacting to our assertions of actions in the Middle East or are we reacting to them? National Security advisor had asked for an updated plan to send a hundred and twenty thousand troops to the Middle East are we did that with send a hell of a lot more troops than that? How we ran was supposed to react to that Adrian who can say, but what does seem clear is that the intelligence Community understood used by US actions and, second, that Iran’s military moves were in reaction to us moves, and so the vehicle for clearing things up seems To have been the Wall Street Journal today, rather than the White House ramping down a bit, probably what it means for now Trump campaigned on not getting involved in foreign war, so he’s risk-averse on being too confrontational with the ran. The question is whether the Hawkeyes people he’s chosen to advise him far as risk-averse as he is, But ultimately there’s also a question about whether the president has a real strategy for dealing with her and since he pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal last year. The answer to that appears to be no thank you age.
Escalating rhetoric and alarm has been surrounding U.S.-Iran relations for days now. At least part of this, however, may be about two countries misreading each other more than anything else.

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