UK PM Theresa May’s Brexit statement- BBC News

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UK PM Theresa May’s Brexit statement- BBC News
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UK PM Theresa May’s Brexit statement- BBC News
Thank you, mrs. Pica, Mississippi. I’M sure that the whole house will join me in condemning Saturday’s attack in Londonderry The Bravery is an orthodontist. Please answer local community who helped to ensure safety, mute. The speaker tunings brexit, following lost weeks, by which it is clear that the approach have to change different views last week on that to the leader of the liberal Democrats, the Westminster leaders of the d: u p s n p green coffee, Lancaster. Meetings? I regret regret to relate to the process when moving forwards. People about me the right way to rule out New Deal to approve a deal with the European Union.. The only guaranteed way you throw all those who think what we need is more time, so they say Baytown. We should leave at 1:50 or should look like this. Is not ruling out no deal but simply to the point of decision and the EU are very unlikely to agree to extend article 50, so what people say ruin out no deal the consequences. What we’re actually saying we should 50 should support, Express their support for second referendum.. What president that could have significant implications for how we handle referendums in this country least, not least, it would require an extension of article 50/50 in May, it’s not yet being in recognition of the way. The second referendum could damage social cohesion by undermining face, and if I am right then, just as the government is having to think again about its approach going forward, it’s been so to do those members who believes this is Beyonce the deal. I don’t need points I believe we can make progress. Members of this house. We don’t leave it on the government benches and the d? U p, continue we respect the Belfast agreement. Government will not reopen the Belfast agreement. I have never even consider doing so in the house and I will then take the conclusions if those discussions back to the EU from other parts of this house in particular, these are focused on the wish for further position around the future of relationship. Tabletop rooftop rule the range of issues and Grace of that, and so will require us to build a negotiating team rules on the widest expertise available from trade each of these areas. I want to provide reassurance to the house giving the brexit negotiations. We will seek input from a wide range of on Fuller involvement in these decisions. It is government’s responsibility to negotiate Oche mandate for all future partnership with the EU for this next phase of negotiation from security to trade. This will strengthen time pressure to rectify information when made public could weaken the UK’s negotiating progressed. The negotiations update the house in particular before the 6 months. We were Viewpoint with the EU full seeing in the agreement the holy the UK werewolf role in the next phase. Respect I will use the opportunity to discuss this further with Society on trade unions. I need to take you to work. It’S right that we provide leads the way find the business secretary indicated. The government support for the proposed amendment meaning. and all those will work with members across the house, businesses and trade unions to develop proposals that give effect to this amendment, including looking at legislation when necessary, 6 and crucially, representations about the spacing EU citizens. In the UK. Uk citizens in the EU who are waiting to have their status confirmed continue to access in concrete benefits, listen to concerns from members and organizations like the 3 million group I kind of confirmed today, but when we roll out the scheme in full on the 30th of March Southern National to wish to say sefie reimbursed irritrol act on table emotion in mutual terms on this statement, as required by section 236. This motion will be amendable and will be debated and voted on in this house on the 29th of January. Activate today’s my ministerial colleagues and I will continue to meet with members on all sides of the House, Representatives of the trade unions, business group, civil society and all those as we tried to find a consensus on the way forward. Those colleagues hope Sakura second referendum. I do not believe that there was a majority in this house besides, appalled cable, which is to revoke article 50, will be more flexible, open and inclusive in the future and how we engage Paul. Imagine our approach to negotiation. A future partnership with European Union identify how we can ensure that our commitment and Union in doing so, we were on another Monday to the British people and leave the Union in a way which benefit to call United Kingdom on every citizen of our country.
Theresa May says concerns have been expressed about leaving the EU without a deal, with calls for it to be ruled out.

She says the best way to rule out a no deal Brexit is to agree a deal with the EU. The only other way is to extend Article 50, something she says the EU is unlikely to agree to without a clear plan of how an agreement can be reached.

When people say the government should rule out no deal, she says they are essentially saying “we should revoke Article 50”.

This doesn’t respect the Brexit vote, she says.

Others are calling for a second referendum, she says, but “our duty is to implement the first one”. She is concerned about the precedent that would set for future refendums.

She says she does not know what Jeremy Corbyn believes regarding this, as he has “not engaged”.

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