UK Supreme court verdict: Can Boris Johnson survive the ruling?

UK Supreme court verdict: Can Boris Johnson survive the ruling?
UK Supreme court verdict: Can Boris Johnson survive the ruling?
Next, Boris Johnson is facing pools to resign after the UK Supreme Court overruled his suspension of parliament, these cold being left by the label of Jeremy corbyn 650 MPS have been called back Wednesday to discuss. Guess what Supreme Court Justices agreed the Johnsons controversial congregation. The house was illegal, every place on the story, Dunkin always great to see you first question: Johnson survive this cool frankovitch to approach, wonderful strongly-worded, a judgment delivered by the president and the vice presidents. So it’s 40 player to him, and so he is the decision today. From the Supreme Court Ashley to do what he said he’s been trying for the past few months, which is to achieve a negotiated deal with the Union. Show me the recent news from the government. I think before you wouldn’t see that until by the start of the Conservative Party Conference Capital, One Shot strategy where what he’ll do is checked it three times by the House of Commons who’s people must have come in to be small kind of school stuff policies. Very much he’s approached you can see his fingerprints because what’s happened today, queen speech, but would you use the time available to Palm to scrutinise government action that basis? They didn’t say that the suspension the provocation had on part of another was a prime country to parliamentary sovereignty and parliamentary accountability. Executive. The Johnson City Queen, was unlawful and therefore that was not invoice. Elsa speak Saturday today.. These are strange times we live in, and thank you for explaining the legalities of what has happened today, but that Supreme Court decision that the progression of the parliament in London was illegal. Thank you. So very much.
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