UK v US: Which is more dysfunctional? – BBC News

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UK v US: Which is more dysfunctional? – BBC News
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UK v US: Which is more dysfunctional? – BBC News
On a scale of 0 to 10, how bad are things I would say it’s about nine, okay! Well, I think that we’re ready by American political journalist, but we pay attention to what’s going on on the other side of the pond. I live for 11 and a half years there as well, so it still feels a bit like home, the US yesterday that caught my eye and just what it said it said we are a nation sleepwalking towards a cliff Edge if we do not pull ourselves from The break the damage will be permanent. I read that and I did a double-take because I wasn’t quite sure which country they work the week in this was so. I guess that you might first question: you is convince me: why are things worse on your side of the Atlantic? It’S about 9, and the reason I say that since you got a bit serious for second, I do think this is the worst peacetime crisis: Britain, the space since the end of the second World War relationship of the EU. It’S not just about. I don’t know deciding to leave a golf club to the politicians are absolutely and completely, and hopelessly divided still about what to do about the result about referendum in in 2016 lost of all. Of course, I think this is this is why things really nasty hair maybe have similarities in the United States. The people of divided / haven’t been divided bass line while flies. Now, it’s more like the u.s. is put a cultural identity. It’S such a ridiculous issue is 5 billion dollars of wall funding in a US federal budget. That is a trillion dollars, I’m just as a symbolic battle about the directions to Country who gets to step priorities. Weather is Donald Trump or the Democrats in Congress and larger it. I think it kind of shows the the systemic challenge with the American government right now, where you can we as a divided nation, where people very different views can a government that inherently is usually divided. We have different parties controlling different parts of government, can. Function without just grinding to a halt, and I’m not sure I can. Let me put this to you. I mean I’m, the one I was reported in the United States are covering so many of Bill Clinton stay. So I’m not sure if this one was after the Columbine school shooting or after the Oklahoma City bombing, and he said that does nothing wrong about America, and there I mean I will, I will say there are signs of Silver Lining their. We. There were compromises last year on Criminal Justice Reform. There’S signs of people could come across the aisle and cooperate, and maybe there is still they be the potential that Americans have a short memory that it we see a lot of complex right now and they put it behind themselves and move on and before you know It something that seemed like a life-or-death battle, whether it’s immigration now or or trade now or anything like that, can change it. This is no longer a big deal. We all agree on it. How do I guess that’s one of the things he’d picked out to pick out for my American Express. I love about living in the US was that some of the can-do spirit sword, I’m self-inflicted that America created so so brilliant at coming up with a solution as well as when we hear the UK are all national slogan. I think a newspaper had a composition about this was mustn’t Grumble. That has the thing I suspect wrong, but it’d be more difficult in the US. Also mention that an American leader who could have bring together people were super enthusiastic for Trump or people in big cities who had been sleeping zzr600 fabric Obama, yeah yeah. I know what are the things that you see time and time again with Donald Trump is: is the strength of his base? It’S not a huge percentage of the u.s. population, 30 to 35 %, but they’re sticking with him through thick and thin. Even when Donald Trump is off the seen one way or the other, whether it’s reelection or or in 2020 or if you know, if he’s removed by some strange chance before then trumpism the idea that there are people who are totally disenfranchised from the American political. That’S not changing pencil whipping. I think we need to wrap it up. So I would just say this and when people will say to me how’s it all going to win real house, this brexit how’s, the old going to end, and so I’m tempted to say what I often hear on the street. I need to go back to that phrase. We had at the stop mustn’t Grumble. What about your on today, country aren’t going to go away. The reality is the you know. The system is set up for conflict and conflict is what we’re getting. I said you know six or seven for the American crisis because long-term, I think they are systemic problems, but the investigations of Donald Trump. You don’t have to deal with anything quite like that, with with your government at Donald Trump is being in a bedeviled by obstruction of justice in a possible ties to Russia to business dealings. All of that Diner at n. You know it in the blink of an eye.
As both British and US governments remain mired in political gridlock, two BBC correspondents discuss the state of their nations.

You can also read the whole conversation between Rob Watson in London and Anthony Zurcher in Washington, DC:

Video by Hannah Long-Higgins

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