Uma Thurman on her creepy new TV series ‘Chambers’

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Uma Thurman on her creepy new TV series ‘Chambers’
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Uma Thurman on her creepy new TV series ‘Chambers’
Uma Thurman on her creepy new TV series ‘Chambers’
Good to have three women’s boots around here. Netflix is Mania. The French town of Lil starring Emma Simon Savannah Larry Rose by the mystery surrounding adona. What happened? I had a heart attack. I had to get a transplant. The series is created and written by Leia Rachel, a television show about a 17 year old heart attack, Survivor, who becomes obsessed with and eventually possessed by the heart that saves her life, but it says family drama and it’s about the metabolization of trauma. I just want everything to go back to the way it was before it’s just so weird that someone had to die in order for me to live family invited me, she saw you play the mom of the hot Dona. I do what challenges do you face playing? Someone who loses a child, it’s the worst horror that I can’t even imagine, but to play that part. You have to imagine what that would be like shocked, and so that’s part of the challenge. In Europe we haven’t presumed consent and which means they have to opt out. If you don’t want to be, I don’t know same. I’M system in the United States have to opt-in just wondered and do you know people who are registered owner that you register Donuts out of the way I am a registered owner, but only for certain parts. I am not that’s shocking, but in the series of you married to tinyco between Ovechkin scandal in Hollywood when it comes to Siri some of the examples and big little lies the handmaid’s tale and Chambers. Now what do you think about Hollywood? What’S going on, I’m happy that this is happening now and it’s awesome to have next to you, as is happening, but I think it’s really exciting, and I think that it’s really we’re going to get a lot of different perspectives on stories that we’ve heard a lot. Quite a long time ago, and seeing how different her beginning is compared to what it was like for me and I’ve been working since I was a teenager, I mean, since I’ve been 16 16 and I never used to be in a room with another woman. Just at work, like always be like if there was room for one female character and you’ve got it like, then that was you, and there was just such a scarcity. I always wanted to be. Where was considered one token female, just change the color palette. Until about the show was to sort of see, opportunity happen new opportunity, I just want you to know that we can do everything we can to keep her memory alive, Nancy and I have endowed scholarship and beg his name as well. At the recent College, admissions five scandal in the United States really blow up this issue and how Cutthroat College admissions are, especially, I was putting too much pressure on them is wrong. What should we buy something online and educated and Chase that and was focused within it? I think that the pressure to specifically attend a four-year university in the United States is hopefully just shaken up a little bit cuz. I don’t think it’s have two young daughters and I think there’s I would like them to grow up and feel like they can do it themselves, if that is something that they want to do, is go to college, where they’ve missions scandal at was sad for me – Was that there was an element of these parents didn’t believe in their kids enough to think that they could get him by themselves, and that’s that, I think, is with the mostess part that it’s a complicated time in politics, for the wells were the rising nationalism with Brexit here in Europe has been elected all over the world. I wanted to ask you: how do you as women walking in America feeling about the and that and save America? The moment I mean watch the show, I think, there’s some undertones in there, where you can probably understand how I feel about it and if they move outfit there’s on there. Definitely some political undertones there about the Haves and Have Nots and that’s how I express my feelings between you and your friend, MTV series, TV series, fetishes of the moment 90 Day, Fiance really great and very much. I think, starting to get to a place of a going towards the Dexter and being able to embrace that females can be dangerous and still interesting and not just batshit crazy, alright. Well, thank you very much. Thank you. So much
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Actress Uma Thurman talks to Eve Jackson about her new Netflix series “Chambers”, playing a grieving mother and how Hollywood is changing for women.

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