UN General Assembly: Trump held out an olive branch with his UN speech

UN General Assembly: Trump held out an olive branch with his UN speech
UN General Assembly: Trump held out an olive branch with his UN speech
Barbara slavin for analysis on this one director of the future around initiative at the Atlantic Council Baba stavan. Thank you very much for being with us here. It was appreciate your time.. Is that what that’s a little phrase, that friends, not Trump’s words, actually thought. This was moderately better than previous speeches that Donald Trump has given on here on, because, although he did harshly besides, the government accused them of being responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia and all these various incidents in the Persian Gulf he did hold out in Olive Branch, as he pointed out, he said the United States does not believe in permanent enemies, nervous, not adversaries, he also invade against endless war, and he talked about how it took more courage to make peace than to make war. So those were good comments and, of course, the French president pushing for some sort of compromise between the United States and Iran. We’Re obviously not going to have a handshake between President Trump and Hassan Rouhani. But I should point out that Hassan Rouhani is giving an interview to president favorite television channel Fox News later on today, which will be his way of course, of addressing the president directly and Ronnie has come with some sort of Peace plant. It’S most likely a non-starter, but you know I think this is an opportunity. There is a proposal for a new ceasefire in Yemen. There’S some progress on the front front of Syria and this is an opportunity to deescalate I’ll ask your things really have gotten out of hand, but we will see the Iranians. Of course, I’m looking for sanctions, relief and there’s no indication yet that that is coming from the United States is lifted and Trump is watching this. I know why does Trump want a new deal with it wrong if he wants a new deal, if he wants, new negotiations is going to have to at least restore some of the waivers that allow Iran to export oil perhaps approve the French proposal for a $ 15 credit to are on which President Trump has talked about favorably in the past. Without that, I I really can’t see that it’s going to be possible for the Iranians to join new talks, and I also think we’re going to continue to see incidents in the Persian Gulf joke about butts of things clearly moving in some way shape or form. Thank you for the Atlantic Council.
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Barbara Slavin, Director of the Future of Iran Initiative, Atlantic Council

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