Unblocking India’s sewers… by hand – BBC News

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Unblocking India’s sewers… by hand – BBC News
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Unblocking India’s sewers… by hand – BBC News
This would be Unthinkable to most people. These weapons are unclogging the drains of India’s Ramblin sua Network. I’M looking pipes, experiments with that that hums, it’s called manual Scavenging and it’s illegal happened to the sewage and that, if it dangerous profession, do people losing their lives have become commonplace in India, Untouchable Community healing from toxic fumes or drowning in overflowing septic tanks. Last month, Ronnie a mother of four young children had that something had happened to her partner nail. The update Academy Witnesses say that the Rope used to lower a nail down the mount hole. That’S not the string of recent high-profile deaths, India that by this man best water Wilson, he set up a pressure group. This stuff, I, which looks to highlight the unsanitary and often dangerous condition where I could put up with India, has Anna space program and we are competing with their whole world. But we don’t have any severe system that paints a lot. Why order cases of every year? 2017 January till now Everybody Must say that why did you not like this? That’S a good question. We thought we try and answer it. When I come to manual Scavenging best. Look at the Money Mart investigations. This is typically what happens. The private contractor will then call on a subcontractor. Once again, the private contractor takes a cut. This is where it will get two bit informal: the subcontractor table, no people on the ground and weather that free to work by the time the money gets to the Wicked tickets, about 400 rupees for a day blackout about 4 pounds, Ronnie blames the subcontractors for help On this day, so we tracked one down a bill. If the guy you cool, if you want find people who got into the sea with what he does is illegal, we protected his identity contractors like you for the death of her partner. What do you say to that? So I went to it’s Charming Man Has Allah, the is the metric. I’M saying that my can. I system skill development. I’M wondering that has to be someone responsible for someone that we can put questions to, because if everyone saying what it’s no loss, but nothing will ever change responsibility who commissioned the work in the first place now we’ve been in touch, I could have died on that Premises doing what they paid for, but none of them wants to be in to be Sims. Families blame the subcontractors for subcontractors, blame the municipal authorities, authorities blame the people who pay the private contractor and the people who pay the private contractors that we approached didn’t want to be interviews in many ways. Manual Scavenging is a parable, but some of the problems affecting India, a complex system of administration that makes the evolving blame easy. The government lots of India doesn’t happen. There is some evidence that the public have had enough. A picture of Ronnie son crying over the body of her partner went viral background from the his rights 43 thousand dollars for Ronnie’s family, most families they want so lucky and the Grim reality is that as long as she would continue to be blocks lb money for People willing to risk their lives to unblock them.
It’s dirty work but somebody has got to do it – except that the practice of people removing human excrement and sewage with their bare hands was made illegal in India 25 years ago.

That doesn’t mean people have stopped doing it. It’s called ‘manual scavenging’ and the Indian government estimates that there are about 600,000 ‘manual scavengers’ in the country.

Official estimates say that one worker dies every five days in India doing this type of work – but campaigners have told Newsnight this is the tip of the iceberg as many deaths go unreported.

James Clayton reports.

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