UNCC school shooting: Active shooter reported at UNC Charlotte, live stream

UNCC school shooting: Active shooter reported at UNC Charlotte, live stream
UNCC school shooting: Active shooter reported at UNC Charlotte, live stream
Formation of from there, I would presume that tell you that way that you are as well from Atrium, so we’ll have to wait and see what we approve heading in that direction. Now we start Chandler Morgan at the Harris Teeter, where there it will be a police briefing. We are expecting to happen at any moment now. At least 2 people have been killed in a shooting on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. This is, according to our Charlotte affiliate WBTV. Several other people reportedly have life-threatening injuries star affiliate. There is one person in custody and they do not believe there are any other Shooters in a tweet. The school’s emergency management system said, shots reported near Kennedy, run, hide fight and secure yourself immediately on the phone now Nick Ochsner Chief investigative reporter at WBTV Nick. What is the latest you can tell us about the conditions of those shot Charlotte has confirmed, have died. They said they were transporting two victims with life-threatening injuries and two additional victims with non-life-threatening injuries, in that same tweet, medic said that this is not the total patience, but that’s what they could release at that point, that lawn forsmann are pretty confident. There was only one shooter involved, they say you have course. We know they have one person in custody and they do not believe or not looking actively for any additional suspects. At this point, it appears to be just one person motive know at this point of this is a situation that just began unfurling, probably and out within the last hour and a half, and so things are very early still at this point. We’Re just getting that information on victims and the extent of injuries turn the last 10 or 20 minutes, or so at least some cells haven’t released any official statement. This is what we’re hearing from our police sources lockdown. What we do know is that UNC, Charlotte emergency management system has tweeted out that building for being cleared one-by-one in that the University of the whole remains on lockdown and that’s significant. This is one of the largest Quincy University campuses in the University system. More than 30,000 students took the whole campus remains on lockdown this evening to take quite some time to clear the entire, the entire campus Ochsner Chief investigative reporter at WBTV. Thank you and joining me now on the phone is Shemar Crosby. He is a senior at UNCC Jamar. First off. We are so glad that you are safe. If you can, please tell us what you saw and her this afternoon for today going to go to the concert and stop by my apartment, complex, please it 100 since then confirmed dead Madness, don’t lock down for a good minute. Apparently they weren’t, they can’t let anyone in or out since he’s been transferred. I haven’t any like burnt updates or like it seemed like all the shooters. If there was multiple they’ve been since they’ve been caught since the last Niner the last night or what we got was campus lockdown continues to remain in the SEC location. We got nothing since then. Can you give us a sense of the building in which this happened? I understand it happened in Kennedy. It is. appreciate your time when it happened Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guido call for a military Uprising, Tuesday challenging president Nicolas Maduro released this three-minute video in which he called for civilians and Armed Forces to join in what he’s calling Final Phase of his maduro’s government. The opposition demonstrations quickly turned violent and were met with tear gas. This report, but first a warning sum of what you are about to watch, may be disturbing security forces and thousands of anti-government protesters. Producer bikini Lopez Glass is in the capital for CBS News. How Bloody are these confrontations right now call for an uprising and announced a final push to Al’s Nicolas Maduro, getting a jump on May Day, protest planned for tomorrow, Blink by soldiers. He claimed hats as the president throughout the day: doodle art, political and economic collapse. Tensions here have been boiling over for years, including in 2017, when we saw firsthand use of lethal Force against anti-government demonstrators. More than a million Venezuelans have fled into neighboring, including military officials and police. Like the officer we met in Colombia earlier this year, Venezuelan American Community is closely watching including late remarks from Secretary of State Mike 3 South Florida’s large. An American Community is closely watching including late remarks by Secretary of State Pompeo, that my Ludo Was preparing to leave the country until the Russians talked him out of it and a threat tonight by President Trump to put a full embargo on Cuba. Over its support of mothers regime Tanya, thank you so much and a visiting fellow at the Hoover institution. He joins me now from Sanford Marco’s thanks. So much for being with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, says Venezuelan. President Maduro was talked out of leaving the country Tuesday Morning by the Russian, listen to what he says: hey had an airplane on the tarmac. He was ready to leave this morning as we understand it, and Russians indicated he should stay. We think the situation remains incredibly fluid. We know that there were senior leaders inside the material that were prepared to leave. They told us as much over the past few weeks and were convinced that the Venezuelan people are going to get their democracy back. We’Ve been clear all along that that Majora surrounded by Cubans and has been supported by Russians there in Venezuela, we’ve told the Russians and we’ve told the Cubans how that’s unacceptable make of that. Why are the Russians getting involved at this point by the secretary of state that in fact, Medora was ready to leave? The jet was fired up and you on the tarmac for him to leave the country? So let’s talk for a minute and recognize that this is a very fluid situation, Jill politically in as many places as they can recall that back during the Obama Administration, when it seemed as if we were going to make some moves with Syria, Russia jumped in and Actually change the Dynamics of that conflict. That’S exactly what’s happening here as well as soon as it seemed as if midura was ready to leave the country. Russia informed him supported him and said: stick it out, because we can get a better deal. Stick it out because we can get a better deal, it’s so interesting to imagine where this could all go and you bring up Sirius and the Russians accomplished what they set out to do, because how to fill in power there in Syria. So one wonders what the endgame is here in Venezuela. You know we just heard opposition leader 100 has called on military forces to
An active shooter has been reported at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, the school tweeted Tuesday afternoon. It’s unclear if anyone was shot. The school is on lockdown, the school’s website said.

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A police source told CBS Charlotte affiliate WBTV there is one person in custody.

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