Understanding Argentina’s Abortion Debate: Both Sides of the Issue | Dispatches

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Understanding Argentina’s Abortion Debate: Both Sides of the Issue | Dispatches
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this is Buenos Aires hundreds of thousands took to the streets as the Senate prepared to vote on Poe’s law to legalize abortion argentines are starkly divided supporters of the bill where green scarves the color of the feminist movement opponents were blue the color of the national flag after 16 hours of deliberations in the Senate the bill was narrowly rejected still the fact that the discussion came this far signals a real shift and public opinion progress that cannot be undone and is grown into a nationwide movement and I want to see some nice organizations push to legalize abortion and Against All Odds but Argentina’s overwhelmingly I’m conservative even among people who are not religious many reject abortion immoral grounds the Persistence of the abortion rights movement has four seats opponents including Church officials to confront an uncomfortable reality criminalizing the issue does not make it disappear in the slums of Buenos Aires to start maternity houses for pregnant women to curb the number of abortions in poor neighborhoods except in cases of rape or when a pregnancy threatens a woman’s health abortions per year and they are the principal cause of maternal deaths in Argentina but many women still take the risk we met this patient at a clinic in Buenos Aires take me to children when she got pregnant and started looking for a way to have an abortion it took her 20 weeks Nolte the go-to method for abortion in Argentina is misoprostol a drug that was originally developed to treat stomach ulcers helping women access this drug are so called Silk arista’s or First Responders like Diana capital of Tanzania and activists some working covertly to help women get around legal obstacles becomes more difficult for women to access these groups we went to salta a region in the Northwestern corner of Argentina where life is more traditional Monica healthy work for 30 years gynecologist here I never once considered performing an abortion abortion laws in the world video of Amelia holding an Argentina and across the region
After 16 hours of deliberation, Argentina’s Senate narrowly rejected a bill to legalize abortion. Still, the fact that the discussion came this far signals a real shift in public opinion. We spoke with people on both sides of the issue.

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