Understanding Brett Kavanaugh and ‘Boys Club’ Code | NYT News

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Understanding Brett Kavanaugh and ‘Boys Club’ Code | NYT News
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Understanding Brett Kavanaugh and ‘Boys Club’ Code | NYT News
What happened to Georgetown prep stays at Georgetown prep. This is how judge Brett Kavanaugh described his high school days and College of Ventures New Mexico to happen if its meaning comes from what it doesn’t say and more often than not it’s a nudge-nudge-wink-wink to a boy’s Club code of conduct continues to have connotation that man Do things, or at least talk about things when women are not around, provides a ready-made practically nursery rhyme ready excuse for men, Miss behaviors that almost suggest before the behaviors are even called out that the behavior should go without consequence these days, the phrase isn’t used exclusively By men, but linguist say it likely emerged in the second half of the 20th century in male-dominated spaces, like sports clubs and rock bands became popular among Spring Breakers. Eventually, it entered Americans everyday vocabulary when the self-proclaimed SimCity adopted it as its official slogan because of the social rules that you had. The phrase can refer to anything from drinking and partying the lying and womanizing. I am a brain doctor friend you’re, a lawyer sexual experimentation for perhaps more unspeakable things, Vegas Vegas stays the same. Men behave badly when their mothers or wives aren’t looking it’s a trip of masculinity that runs deep fraternities to Wall Street in one of the guys. Take the ability and willingness to keep secrets. So, while what happens here stays here, behavior is okay. As long as man stick together.
From Las Vegas to Georgetown Prep, variations of “what happens here stays here” are common. But where does this phrase come from and what does it really mean?

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