US budget deficit tops $1 trillion as government spending increases

US budget deficit tops $1 trillion as government spending increases
US budget deficit tops $1 trillion as government spending increases
That’S a big deal to me, maybe cuz. I focused on it for so many years that we tend not to have any problem with the fact that we have a spending until 7:08 with the crisis everyday Americans, all the people seem to do okay, and we didn’t so we’ll talk about the debt we get Back on our feet to Trump in the campaign in 2016, made it clear he was going not going to cut Medicare Social Security Medicaid in his study right, but not so we’re going to be facing. Some of these channel is big, big number and, finally, that she the real tragedy. The numbers would not we’re not looking like this something while we’ve invested heavily into infrastructure and new schools in New Broadband, so we’re going to see it pay off of the next 10-15 years. Obama’S Republicans Republicans spend money that this was kind of Keynesian. We cut taxes and unemployment is now a three and a half percent. So just remember Rubio. There was a payoff here. You got the DSM economy through through through, and it was his fault that they didn’t come back to me with my budgets that had lots of guts to go through to go through, and I call Sorelle against this under Barack Obama. Nobody cares and people, but the side of their young crew. You could add all their ages up together and they still have my how to the virtue of just lying from the academic economic standpoint. It’S not in the Democratic Party. Well, in this everyone’s going to let go and frankly, if you are, if you were sick in your money and gets raped by President Trump and presidential primaries, has presently have a trillion dollar debt. If you didn’t get a wall, how did you not get a wall and spend a little more money, blendable round about everything about this for so long? It’S the president’s argument for singing the economy and then that’s going to help the depths. I don’t know how that all sorts out, but that is exactly what we’re going to explore right after this quick break. So we pay our bills. You are watching breakfast
Fmr. Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr., GOP pollster Lee Carter and FOX Business’ Charlie Gasparino discuss the U.S. $1 trillion budget deficit.

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