US charges 7 Russian military agents linked to global cyber hack – BBC News

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US charges 7 Russian military agents linked to global cyber hack – BBC News
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US charges 7 Russian military agents linked to global cyber hack – BBC News
Yesterday’S we announce an indictment charging 7 Russian Military Officers with violations of several us criminal laws for malicious cyber activities against the United States and its allies. I’M joined today by the you attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Scott Brady, the FBI, Deputy assistant director for cyber Eric Welling and director general of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mark Flynn. A short while the Dutch minister of defense and the United Kingdom’s National Security advisor held a joint press conference announcing a recent intelligence operation against several Russian agents. Conducting a clandestine mission in The Hague. The gioi UK Dutch intelligence operation led to for rushing Gru officers being caught red-handed, while they attempted to breach the cybersecurity of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is Gru Target and an additional laboratory in Switzerland. That was their next Target. We’Re analyzing the deadly Russian nerve agent recovered in the UK following an assassination attempt, as well as other chemical agents that were used in Syria, innocent civilians. The prime ministers of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom issued a joint statement condemning the Russian Behavior we’re, including a copy of their statements in the materials provided to all of you, and this room and online at Justice. are indictments today. Charges some of the same Russian operatives caught in The Hague, along with their colleagues in Moscow as part of a conspiracy to hack a variety of individuals and organizations in the United States and you’re up to obtain information or access. That Was Then exploited for the benefit of the Russian government. More specifically, this indictment alleges a conspiracy to use computer hacking to obtain non-public personal health information, Haitian about athletes and others in the files that anti-doping agencies and sporting federations in multiple countries and to release that stolen information selectively and sometimes misleadingly. All of this was done. Undermined those organizations, efforts to ensure the Integrity of the Olympic and other games. Other targets of this conspiracy, where the chemical weapons laboratory in The Hague and a nuclear power company here in America, 3 of The Seven defendants charged in this case, were previously charged in the indictment brought by the office of special counsel in July of this year, which Pertain to a conspiracy to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election. The current indictment does not rise out of the work of the special counsel. None the last. These two indictments charge overlapping groups of conspirators and they have, in some of the same methods of computer intrusion and the same overarching. Russians 40 go to pursue its interest through a legal influence and disinformation operations aimed at muddying or altering perceptions of the truth. The Crux of this indictment, which US attorney Scott Brady, will describe and more tell, is a gr used targeting of the world anti-doping agency, the US anti-doping agency and the Canadian Centre for ethics and Sport, which is Canada Sandy doping body, the gr you did so in Response to efforts of anti-doping officials, exposure of Russia’s systematic and state-backed athlete’s doping program embarrassed by that truth, Russia fought back by retaliating against the truth-tellers and against the truth itself. The results of Russia’s hacks, however, where it is spelled by the anti-doping officials or their agencies. Instead, Russia decided that it was fair game to flood the social and traditional media with the private medical in for nation of more than 250 athletes from 30 countries in a manner that often inaccurately reflected or otherwise omitted the true nature, purpose and context of the information. I hope that through today’s charges, which fall far from the Electoral Arena out of our prior charges, we can further educate ourselves as to the scope of the Russian government’s disinformation and influence campaigns. I also hope that responsible members of the international news media full cast of suspecting I on future hack and leak operations, which Speaking part to manipulate stories and furtherance of Russian State interest. It is evident from the allegations and today’s indictment that the defendants believe that they use their anonymity to act with impunity and their own countries and on the territories of other Sovereign Nations to undermine International institutions and to distract from their governments own wrongdoing. They were wrong. Working together with our partners and Nations that share our values, we can expose the truth for the world to see. Nations like Russia and others that engage in malicious and Norm shattering. Cyber and influence activities should understand that genuine and steadfast resolve of the United States and its allies to prevent, disrupt and deter such unacceptable conduct. The defendants in this case should know that Justice is patient, it’s reach is long and it’s Murray is longer before I turn it over to the US attorney to discuss the charges in Greater detail. I’D like to extend my gratitude to the prosecutors in his office here in the National Security division, as well as the team of FBI Gator’s, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and our International Partners in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, who are together responsible for where We are today thank you. Thank you. John good morning, I’m Scott Brady on the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Today, throw indictment of seven officers of the Russian intelligence directorate. We fighting back to protect US citizens in organizations from Criminal cyberattacks funded by the Russian government. These seven defendants are charged with a pervasive campaign of hacking, stealing private and sensitive information and publicizing that information to retaliate against Russia’s two tractors and sway. Public opinion in Russia’s favor, along with our International Partners, were shining a light on these criminals and her one step closer to bring Justice to the Vic. These malicious attacks. There were hundreds of victims targeted by these Russian criminals, the defendants, targeted athletes and anti-doping agencies. As retaliation for the outing of Russia’s state-sponsored athlete’s doping program is John said, the victims included approximately 250 athletes from 30 countries as well as us, and international anti-doping agencies such as water. You saw to csis the court of arbitration for for the International Association of Athletics Federation, FIFA and as many as 35 other anti-doping or sporting federations, but these attacks to further other Russian interest as well. They targeted Westinghouse a nuclear power company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that supplied nuclear fuel to the Ukraine. They targeted the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, which was in navigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the poisoning of a former Gru officer and his daughter in the UK, and they targeted a lab and Switzerland to analyze the nerve agent used. In that poisoning usually about the charges in the indictment for a moment, the defendants are charged with engaging in a lengthy and wide-ranging conspiracy to hack into private computers and networks around the world. The victims of this illegal activity, or anti-doping or stations in the United States and abroad, Swiss and Dutch entities which investigate the use of chemical weapons and, as I mentioned, an important company in my own District Westinghouse federal law, makes it illegal to use hacking techniques at The fishing to gain access to protected computers and networks – these are legal actions, also provided the basis for the wire fraud conspiracy count. Five of the defendants were charged with aggravated identity theft. That means they illegal 10 identifying information, including passwords used by real persons and exploited it to further their hacking activity defendant. Your mccough is charged with four counts of wire. Fraud is alleged to have spent sent, are phishing emails to specific employees of Westinghouse in an effort to trick them into providing their login credentials, which would enable him to gain access to their personal email accounts and ultimately, westinghouse’s Network defendants are charged with illegal money laundering, Which, in this case, means that they use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to purchase the infrastructure to further their conspiracy, such a servers to register domains to pay vendors and by other hacking tools and the financial transactions occurred, at least in part in the United States. Talk about two things generally, the: how of this conspiracy is fascinating ability to identify operational practices with critical in our ability to identify the defendants in to bring the charges today, and the indictment lays these practices out in detail. The mo of the gru cyber units, the use of spearfishing camp, the use of DDOS attacks, the deployment and command and control of malware in networks, the creation of spoof domains, the use of cryptocurrency to mask sources. The creation of a false active profile fancy bear the public stolen data and the role of on-site or close access teams to hack Hotel, Wi-Fi and steel officials, network access information, but it’s important at the Y not get lost in this. This began with a disclosure of Russian state-sponsored doping program for athletes, in other words, Russia cheated they cheated, they got caught, they were banned from the Olympics, they were mad and they retaliate and in retaliating they broke the law, so they are. Criminals want to say a word about victims in this case as well. You know the midst of discussions of international standards and National strategic interest. It’S important to remember that these defendants engaged in criminal activity activity in violation of the laws of the United States, which harmed United States citizens. This is not spy versus spy. These were not passive intelligence gathering up patience. This is a criminal conspiracy which caused the real harm to real victims when the gru Target American corporations to try to steal Trade Secrets and Technology, it cost American companies bill of dollars in Lost R & D and capital investment and there’s a real cost to American Workers, many of whom may lose their jobs as company companies, production or sale, suffer when a GRU publishes us athletes, most private, sensitive medical information to embarrass our national sports federations. We are all made more vulnerable. No American citizen, let alone are most accomplished. Athletes, which represent the United States in World competition, should have to endure this and went to GRU hacks anti-proliferation organizations and Labs which test for the use of chemical weapons for their own parochial interest or Advantage. We are all made less safe. We have the Department of Justice are not satisfied nearly exposing the conduct, that’s the subject of this investigation. Our goal in this case is the same as in every case that we charge we see to arrest those who have broken the law. In this case, we want to bring them to Pittsburgh, we want them to stay trial and we want to put them in jail. These defendants must be held accountable for their crimes. That’S our goal, that’s what are victims deserve and that’s what Justice requires will now hear from Eric Welling FBI’s deputies director for cyber good morning. Everyone in America, Bellingham WA assistant director for cyber I’m half the FBI and I’d like to have just make a few comments to Echo the sentiment of my colleagues. The FBI is charged with defending the United States against a full range of cybercrimes. We Face cyber threats from hackers for hire and Alyssa cyber Enterprises. We also face threats from nation-states. As we see any documents announced today the seven individuals and are all officers in the Russian Gru. The FBI investigation revealed from late 2014 through May 2018 to GRU conducted computer hacking activities to retaliate against the world anti-doping officials who publicly exposed Rush government sponsorship of doping by Russian athletes. Their campaign was undertaken to internationally intentionally damaged World organizations and athletes committed to fairness. The infiltrated networks and computers of domestic International anti-doping agencies, antidoping officials, sporting federations and hundreds of clean International athletes from almost 30 countries, their Target’s extended Beyond anti-doping and sporting associations, notably, they also targeted the for the prohibition of chemical weapons, among others, in situations where the Gru officers could not remotely hack into their targeted systems. They traveled using Russian government issued passports to locations around the world to conduct close access. Hacking operations will see some photos here and I think we have some others that will provide after the other conference, where you will see the rental car used, Buy the operatives I’m outside the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons. You will see the materials and beer that was abandoned after the failed intelligence operation, and you can also then see how the the gear was so arranged to penetrate the Wi-Fi systems to end these. This equipment was also used in compromises. Previously, the involve targeting of the Wi-Fi networks was used by victim organizations or personal in various locations, including Switzerland and Netherlands and Brazil to GRU used unauthorized access and stuff information to obtain obtain food or hacking efforts to for the street for the Strategic Benefit of the Russian Federation negation of campaign of influence and disinformation to advance the interests of the Russian government. Specifically, they worked undermine and destabilize the efforts of the international doping officials publicize and expose sensitive medical information and Drug Testing results belonging to athletes and damaged the reputations of clean athletes around the world by pedaling. A false narrative suggest such athletes were using banned or performance-enhancing drugs to GRU officers. Publicly-Released stolen private information online hiding behind the name of the fancy, bear hacking team these activities by Russian Gru officers well beyond acceptable government intelligence operations. The GRE was breaking traditional International norms and the law and using cyber tools and resources in the fashion that they have. The FBI considers any criminal activity conducted by nation state actors, especially those leading to the violations of Americans, privacy or interference in our economy. To be a matter of National Security, these Gru officers broke US law by hacking into US infrastructure and victimizing. U.S. citizens, victims by nation-state hacker, should not have to face the threat alone, and this indictment is an important step and standing with and Seeking Justice for the victims in this criminal activity. We fully identify these conspirators. We can show who they are. We can provide detailed information and evidence of their affiliation with the Russian government. The charges reinforce this behavior is not acceptable and violates International Norms, as well as us criminal laws. These charges further layout for the International Community, some of the bases for the US government’s prioress or sounds that the Russian government was responsible for other cyber intrusion Senate acts. This indictment serves as a reminder. The FBI does not tolerate criminal activity, even those conducted at the behest of nation-states. We believe the gru officers names in this indictment or Loki and Russia, and not immediately available to answer the charges. Still. People travel and many countries support International norms and the rule of law. We look forward to providing these subjects the opportunity to answer for these charges. We can’t always apprehend subjects easily or but we’ll keep at it, because the FBI has a long memory, an important responsibility to the victims. We wouldn’t be here today without the courage and cooperation the victims, and we encourage all victims to report suspected intrusions to their local offices. So we can is the cost of this kind Behavior we understand. Victims may be reluctant to report breaches, but we do strive to minimize the disruption to their daily activities and a safe guard, their privacy. We don’t want victims to feel rhe victimized by the investigation and suffering in silence serve anyone. We want to thank our International Partners today is a victory of cooperation and information, sharing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for their strong support and coordination between the investigations here and there. The UK National Security intelligence agencies for the rendering and untiring support the Netherlands, defense intelligence and security service for their information sharing and assistance, Illuminating, the tactics and tradecraft of the Gru and Switzerland’s Attorney General’s office for Provo and key evidence and providing prompt response will continue To work together to use every tool are disposal to fight malicious cyber activities will work with the diversity of thought diversity of countries, but with a commonality of purpose to ensure the safety of our people and our networks. Thank you.
Russian spies have been accused of involvement in a series of cyber-plots across the globe, leading the US to level charges against seven agents.

The US justice department said targets included the global chemical weapons watchdog, anti-doping agencies and a US nuclear company.

The allegations are part of an organised push-back against alleged Russian cyber-attacks around the world.

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