US-EU trade dispute: “This political war is not our war”

US-EU trade dispute: “This political war is not our war”
US-EU trade dispute: “This political war is not our war”
Reaction from Matty Akin Southwest France from schedule is the owner of one of the most prestigious wine labels, Chateau Smith, haut Lafitte. Thank you for speaking with us here on France. 24. What’S your what’s your reaction and how will you be affected by this announcement very bad and we certainly very affected by this announcement and we have totally infuriated because we think we are stages of our politician, and this is totally unfair. I think it would take time for our government to to reverse the flow of bad news, and we don’t understand why, for instance, champagne and Spirits out the packs. Where are the Craftsman William lot in the real world of luxury? Okay, but we are second to iron to take for Xbox France Road and it’s a there’s, a deep feeling of Injustice in us, because we we don’t know where it comes from and vibrato is severe. It’S 20 % of ourselves for all the classified, Roth and special interest. We have very low yields because we are organic and biodynamic and also our expenses a very high. We cannot buy grapes, you know we and we wish you the best and that we we don’t understand what happened. Aeronautics, between represent English, they are Brokers and 1/2, or so we go where the money answers and China call Brittany, Nam, Cong and China being a little less on buying side, the goal of States. So maybe it’s a little more with. We don’t know exactly because we self who sells to wear everywhere in 45 country, but the states are a very strong country for us, and you know Trent son is a winemaker like us, but I suppose he’s not like. We do everyday now. The fact that champagne and cognac are not affected is there any possible reason for that government is maybe more sensitive to big group, will pay the taxes and then to all of the Cats. Oh now take us and they already can buy grapes on the end of high alcohol, for us is VR trapman for this week. We will just do it. We were very proud of her. I didn’t beat the correct answer., Which means that we received the Nobel for show window of the best matrimonial Enterprise in France, because we are, we found our own corporate. We have been invited to cop21 because we recycle the 20 tons of CO2, a meat during the oven, and we make 8 tons of bicarbonate of sodium. We are very sensitive to do natural and we have our own the beehives, everything and Ducks comes out of nowhere. Its exact ahead with the plains, you know Italian Estates, but they protect them, but servatii scandalous to because I wonder whether I will go at lunch when make a loving like you just made for Forex REI temperature, the community of will rise and say stop more pressure By your own government is what’s needed, not so much on the Americans directly. We think that President, you know, because American wheel comes to visitors Republican, but most of them are maybe a little shame overall Democrat and then we have a strong link together. We like American, we have been there for maybe 25 years promoting when we have many many friends over there. So I think it’s very sad events with French wine. I hope they Will Go On by and guess. I really hope we’ve seen how it’s become 10 minutes. Do you senses, though, perhaps there’s a turning point now with more tariffs, more protectionism all around that? Well, perhaps your strategy for selling wine around the globe might have to change. Maybe maybe, but we are too smart to adapt quickly. You know because, as I said, that we have already many many because there is almost one socialserve answer against each fine and are we lost the connection there with Falls katiyar owner of one of the most prestigious labels, Chateau Smith, haut Lafitte from schedule who is joining Us there from the estate Matty Akin near Baldo,
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Florence Cathiard, Owner, Ch√Ęteau Smith-Haut-Lafitte

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