US gears up for meeting with Pakistan

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US gears up for meeting with Pakistan
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US gears up for meeting with Pakistan
US gears up for meeting with Pakistan
Imran Khan and Donald Trump are hoping to press the reset button on the relationship between Islamabad in Washington. One that’s long been defined by Mutual necessity. While Pakistan needs us funds to help revamp it struggling the US needs Pakistan’s assistance in a string Regional security. But since President Trump took office in 2017 time between the two of all but stagnated with the US regularly, accusing Pakistan of providing a safe haven to tear early last year, Donald Trump, translated that criticism into action and suspended three hundred million dollars in US security Aid To Pakistan for what he called lies and deceit concerning the country’s anti-terrorism efforts. Imran Khan for his part as accused Washington of making Pakistan has scapegoat for its failures in the war on terrorism. Insisting Pakistan has paid a heavy economic and human cost for its cooperation with the United States and a gesture and approving it’s good when clamping down on extremis militant Pakistan arrested Hafiz, I need the founder of a terror group behind a series of attacks in Mumbai. In 2008, the move was also aimed at convincing the financial action task force and International, not to Blacklist Pakistan in the coming months, but as it looks to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and end the 18-year long war in the country, Washington needs Islamabad support. Now more than ever, Pakistan has played a key role in in peace negotiations between the US and the Taliban and will be an indispensable player in both concluding and eventually helping enforce a cease-fire agreement.
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Erin Ogunkeye reports that leaders of US and Pakistan Donald Trump and Imran Khan “are hoping to press the reset button on the relationship between Islamabad and Washington,” after Trump and his administration have repeatedly accused Pakistan of becoming a safe haven for terrorists.

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