US Government shutdown: Trump signs bill to reopen govt. until February 15

US Government shutdown: Trump signs bill to reopen govt. until February 15
I want to welcome another guest now to speak on the shutdown Eric lesan. He is a former US Federal prosecutor and also joining us from Washington DC, thanks so much for being here from a deal that the Democrats put forth his weeks ago, where they said. Let’S just open it, the government temporarily and while we negotiate this and Trump said no, then so. Why is he capitulating well he’s taking an absolute pounding in the poles, because the public holds him and the Republicans more accountable for this, and part of that is the reason that you said there was a prior agreement over 35 days ago, which both houses of the Legislature had passed the house and the Senate, including the Senate, Republicans with almost no dissenting votes with Trump head said. He would agree to and then at the last minute, because of pressure from the far-right certain media figures, they called him out on it and said how you promised you would get this wall then he also promised that Mexico would pay for it. But the whole thing is a fiction. He then a noun, he would shut down the government and there have been very widespread ramifications because of this, and I think now the president is taking stock of the thing that matters to him most, which is the political support. Even a monkey Bass, the support is eroding he’s down below 40 % in the polls now and the Republican Senators, several of whom were going to be up for reelection in 2020. I will have to face the voters in there been some amazing things here. That can be used against them even in red. We previously safe districts. So that’s making people nervous for the first time and there may be reason to believe that in three weeks the government there will be a deal to keep the government open. We heard him in the announcement praising the federal workers who have been either furloughed or working without pay for the last 35 days saying, but they didn’t complain that they were even encouraging him continue. But does this leave him in an even worse negotiating spot than he was before the shutdown began, and I would have you seen any reaction from that far right base of the Ann coulter’s of the world that sort of encouraged him to to go into the shutdown In the first place are right, antagonists of his face will always push for this wall, which is a fiction. It wouldn’t be built for at least one decade, if not more at a far higher cost and would be completely useless as to its functionality so that that’s a fantasy land there. The president, which is frequently in fantasies of this type in his statements that simply aren’t true, he is absolutely in a worse position than he was before, because it’s been demonstrated through the unity of the Democrats through through on the Democrats and even the Senate votes yesterday, That he is losing support among the entire country. Nobody believes the government should be put down a shut down for this. Frankly, ludicrous notion David ineffectual wall, except for the and cultures of the world that he listens to, but he’s not in a good negotiating position. He’S caused tremendous hardship not only among these 800,000 government workers, but there’s tremendous ripple effect throughout the nanami and we’re seeing today, for example, a very visible example. It in terms of air safety. People are warning whether it’s air traffic controllers are other stakeholders in the aviation system, that this is an untenable situation. There they’re already shutting down Maria airport and things like this. It will get worse every single day. The government is involved in all kinds of public safety measures, whether it’s food inspections, Disease Control, border control. Ironically, the Coast Guard the federal Apple sear, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, many many things are being impacted and it is not tenable to keep the government shut down. No matter what the president is saying just a minute and that’s that a longtime Ally of President Trump was arrested on Friday rogerstone, a self-proclaimed king of political tricks has been charged with several crimes as part of Robert Mueller’s, Russia investigation. He says he’s innocent and we’ll defeat the charges and Court. Catherine Viet brings us the details, another indictment and arrest for the Mueller investigation after being taken into custody by FBI agents. Rogers phone has been released on bail, a longtime friend and Ally of President Donald Trump Jones, accused of lying witness, tampering and obstruction of justice. The charges are related to emails of Democratic party officials allegedly hacked by Russian Wikileaks release the Hacked information during the 2016 presidential election campaign last month, Rodger Stone declared he had nothing to hide for 4 hours behind closed doors, and I stand by every word of that. Testimony but, according to the indictment, Stone lied in his testimony to the house intelligence committee about his contact with Wikileaks, the described in detail, numerous emails and text messages and which he discussed organization. One believed to be Wikileaks and the Hacked emails, as well as conversations with senior Trump campaign officials about the timing of future releases prosecutors, say Stones, roll shows, coordination between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks with an informal member of Trump’s Inner Circle facing charges directly related to Russian election meddling, the White House not-too-distant the president from the proceedings. What I do know is that this has nothing to do with. The president has nothing to do with the White House with stones indictment. The special counsel investigation has now charged 34 people and garnered six guilty plea by Trump Associates and advisers, including former campaign chairman Paul manafort and former National Security adviser Michael Flynn, Saint back into the program Eric. I want to read you a passage from the stone indictment. It says he was contacted by senior Trump campaign officials to inquire about future releases of stolen information, Wikileaks and your opinion. What does this translate to in terms of potential legal trouble for the Trump campaign campaign at the top not tightly run in terms of their operations? With tightly run in the in the handful of people that had actual control, so it sounds like it could be the president himself who is named tear or, if not him, it could be one of only a very few other people, that’s being alluded to possibly son, Possibly as son-in-law Jared Kushner, it could possibly be somebody like Steve, Bannon and maybe Paul manafort also. We already know he had very deep ties, but this seems to be more along the lines of kush, Trump, jr. or Bannon, or the president himself other than those people. You have very few others who were the position of seniority – maybe kellyanne Conway somebody like that. But this is striking right at the heart of the White House and if this was any other Administration, and even if two years ago we said we were at this point with these kinds of indictments coming forth, you would say there is no way the president would Want to stay on under these conditions, but yet here we are and they some uncertainty as to what the ultimate result will be, but it is definitely putting in Peril the dependency of the Trump presidency. So much for urinalysis on both of these big stories from today.
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Guest: Eric Lisann, legal analyst and former US Federal prosecutor

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