US-Iran: “Saudi Arabia & the UAE are absolutely integral to what Trump is trying to do in Iran”

US-Iran: “Saudi Arabia & the UAE are absolutely integral to what Trump is trying to do in Iran”
US-Iran: “Saudi Arabia & the UAE are absolutely integral to what Trump is trying to do in Iran”
Inform or Let’s cross to a Simon mobile senior lecturer at Lancaster university in England 24, but we we don’t know specifics yet. But we’ve heard the claim by Donald Trump that the the sanctions will be a targeting assets of the supreme leader. You’Ve heard the response of the two reaction. I don’t think this is particularly surprising when you thit that, with this increasing tensions between the US and around eventually Trump would start to Target the office of the supreme leader. Not being careful to talk about Sam and I Khomeini is the year is the president said we knew that he was going to stop putting pressure on the office of the supreme leader. He’S done it in the past. We know that there’s been no sanctions placed on members of the Okee members, I should say revolutionary guard Corps the the really prestigious military win that is very close to due to the Supreme Leader. That is tasked with with preserving the ideological Integrity of the Revolution. So I don’t think it’s actually surprising that Trump is really sore to up the ante to really put pressure on the Supreme Leader himself. It’S it’s not a particularly surprising move and neither is the Arabian response. This is the latest step in this increasingly whiskey game of brinkmanship between Washington and Tehran. The leaks are very vocal when it comes to pulling back at the last second, before going on in I’m kind of a raid against the Iran and also the weekend about cyberattacks. The other two were possibly part of the strategy. Is this I think it’s it’s a case of posturing. It’S a case of of this rivalry. This set of tensions playing out not only in the Diplomatic back-channel, wasn’t the Smoky holes. If you will live in no politics, but it’s also playing out in the court of public opinion by a Twitter and buy a social media ruined by via this is a finsta national news. Coverage of these events, with the news about the side was potentially potentially an attempt for Donald Trump and his administration to save a bit of face after doing a rather large about turn with regard to the military strikes that he later aborted. So it’s potentially a face-saving exercise to say: well, look, yes, I didn’t do this for these reasons, but I did take action against the run now it should be noted. The Iranian officials have also said: well, it didn’t really do anything and it’s just brinkmanship. So it’s worth putting that into context. That Trump is playing this game, he’s aware of the pitfalls of of seeming week of coming across in a particularly weequay, not only for the Arabian case lights, but also with regard to North Korea as well. So he’s playing a very complex game on on a number of different fronts and he’s having to get it right, but unfortunately, he’s making. Quite some quite serious missteps here sent his secretary of state Mike Pompeo trip to India. Assure of support amongst the US is key allies in the region, so we know that they’re. Obviously, Israel is Central to us plans, but also Saudi Arabia and UAE. The United Arab Emirates are absolutely integral find to do with regard to run. We know that Saudi Arabia has had a very complex relationship with Iran since the the revolution of 1979, but it’s also the case with the United Arab Emirates and it’s a very complex relations, political and security relations between the Emirates and a run which is pushed the Emerest into this alliance with Saudi Arabia and the United States support and put in place number of strategies for for future activities, depending on what errand does next Arabia’s a foreign minister Roman sat down with him. Here’S what he had to say to increase the pressure on Iran to change its policies should be done. Looking at sanctions involving Rhapsody text, Heather, look at sanctions, other sanctions and I will leave this to the financial experts and economic experts that, but the idea is to increase the pressure on Iran. So that even knows that there’s a high price that has to pay Inlet. Iran’S policy is not acceptable that have to change Simon, the pressure increasing on Saudi Arabia Congress to stop support for the war in Yemen as cool as send it’s not just the Yemen issue, but it’s also the full out from the Jamal khashoggi. If I, with the UN report that you’d be published this week, when we we heard some of the highlights or not tweaks suggesting the Mohammed bin Salman, is this directly responsible for for something? We don’t know exactly what? Yet? Because the report hasn’t come out, but you were certainly right to say that there’s a great deal of concern in the United States in the UK across Europe. The weapons that are being made in this particular states of being used by Saudi Arabia and Yemen to to commit some some quite worrying crimes that Saudi Arabia politically but internationally in terms of public opinion, but also in terms of the economic issue. Because the complex and expensive, it’s an incredibly costly war in the long run, to move towards this new vision. 2030 that Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Princess, put in place. So it’s a real, delicate balancing for Mohammed bin, Salman officials who were trying to set out different strategies not only to address the around prices but to deal with issues in Yemen and to try and Stave off the the pr Crisis coming out of the de murder. Of Jamal khashoggi breaking news of the US Treasury secretary, Steve mnuchin, has been no speaking, and he says Muhammad Sharif Sharif, of course, was at the center of those a nuclear talks. The the the sanctions placed on Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, has been the one who who studied in the US. He was Central to the negotiations with the nuclear deal, he’s the one that potentially doing the park Channel work and he would be the one to do a lot of the back-channel work for for bringing about an end to any type of Crisis. We know that the tube to make a peaceful resolution from conflict that has to be has placed economic sanctions on one of the key key negotiators, Okie interlocutors, if you will of the Earth the other side. So I think this is this: is my Hotspot? Trains move, but it just demonstrates the extent to which the United States wants to put run under as much economic and political pressure as possible. 24. Thank you.
Simon Mabon, senior lecturer at Lancaster University and director of the SEPAD talks to Fran├žois Picard about the newly imposed US sanctions on Iran and Pompeo’s visit to Saudi Arabia and later the UAE.

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