US may need to form blockade off the coast of Venezuela to stop oil shipments: TrendMacro CIO

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US may need to form blockade off the coast of Venezuela to stop oil shipments: TrendMacro CIO
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US may need to form blockade off the coast of Venezuela to stop oil shipments: TrendMacro CIO
Well, you know those oil sanctions at the Trump Whitehouse put on Venezuela there now having a pretty big impact on the Medora Administration, we’re talkin 20 billion dollars and estimated losses are ready and now increasingly he’s looking for a financial Lifeline from outside. Let’S bring in Trend macros Pio. The real problem we’ve got here is that we’re not just dealing with the Maduro Administration. We are dealing with his partner in crime, Vladimir Putin, and, what’s going on right now, is there’s just a game of geopolitical Global chess being played where we take Financial Resources away from the regime in order to topple Assad and Putin. Just steps in there and plug the hole with money, for instance, one of the most powerful tools we have to isolate Venezuela, what the experts called secondary sanctions on financial institutions outside the United States, the facilitate economic transactions for Venezuela, the sanctions we put on safe. If we catch, you say mr. French Bank doing the transactions, we will bar you from ever doing business in the United States and if you have a branch in United States will find you 10 billion dollars right. So the Russians we learn this morning has set up a special purpose bank that you think you could be Beyond these sanctions because they spank they set up now. So we sanction – or they say, new Russian Bank. You can’t do business with United States, they say we don’t care anyway, so this is how Russia is in there propping up the the the the war criminal Maduro regime that is resorting to starving its own people by blockading humanitarian Aid that the rest of the world Is trying to said they during a bell? They do give you Clues. These people evil worldwide is traded in dollars. Majora wants dollars. Russia’S facilitate the dollar exchange here for oil. You made the point too and if it will taken that Russia’s rosneft owns about 9.9 % of the shares of Citgo the database so unit going to do that. Well, you know that’s the endgame. If we’re serious about this, there’s only one place that we can meet. Putin head on and that’s on the high seas. This is where we have to think about re-enacting the Cuban Missile Crisis 1862, where we’re not just talking about penalties for banks, we’re talkin about an actual physical blackhead, where we put our ships off the coast of Venezuela and say nothing comes in. Nothing goes out and let’s see who blinks on that, when I have a funny feeling the blinker is a man named Vladimir Putin in Venezuela. Really bad actors are in their time. That’S not exactly the guest list you’d like to have
TrendMacro CIO Donald Luskin discusses how Russia is helping disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and whether the U.S. should block the country’s oil shipments.

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