US – McAllen, Texas, a city divided

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US – McAllen, Texas, a city divided
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US – McAllen, Texas, a city divided
A city divided is Donald Trump touchdown in McAllen, Texas, Thursday afternoon protesters and supporters made their voices Heard On the Border. We need protecting we’re here on the border and there’s a lot of crime that comes across and we’re scared. This is really a manufactured crisis in order to get a symbol that we’re going to build between the United States and our one of our closest allies. Mcallen border crossing little sign of a security crisis, but people admit that in Mexico, it’s not as cam on this side in the United States that everything I see is normal. The prices that exist play some Mexican would like to build a new life on the American side. Many of them are women and children were looking to escape violence and they are seeking asylum in the United States. The humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen immigrants, who have been released from border patrol detention centers since 2014. The center has received over 100,000 people sister Norma Pimentel, who runs the center says. The city is not facing a security crisis, but humanitaria the border patrol has it under control, making sure we have the conditions and the facility to help the families that are passing through. They need some care and, if not, it becomes a big problem for the community residents in McAllen may not agree about the need for a wall here at the border, but whether or not Trump’s visit will change minds and Washington and end. The government. Shutdown remains to be seen:
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