US needs to eliminate birthright citizenship: Andy Biggs

US needs to eliminate birthright citizenship: Andy Biggs
US needs to eliminate birthright citizenship: Andy Biggs
Switching gears from major changes to US citizenship is the homeland security department has issued sweeping revisions to the concept of residence, which means massive shifts for both American families living overseas and non USC is giving birth inside the u.s. joining me now, as Republican congresswoman from Arizona Estate that couldn’t really see some changes as a result of all these new policy changes. Andy Biggs and Congressman good to see. If, thanks for joining us is changes primarily are mad. I know they affect our citizens overseas for tickling, the military but they’re. The real thing is they want to stop birth tourism. That’S when you have pregnant visitors, not residents with visitors coming here to have kids so that those kids at mediately become US citizens. I just want to put up the rule change. If I can, we we highlighted it. A US citizen who was born in the US generally meets the residents requirement long as he or she can present evidence to demonstrate that his or her mother was not merely transiting through or visiting the us at the time of his or her birth. That’S the money part and that’s that’s what may change? Yes, a David that may change some of this might get the sun Birthright citizenship, but by and large, is not going to touch Birthright. Citizenship has become an industry for some places to send expecting mothers over here, and they stay here for several months at a time that that definition of what is Transit, I mean the words Transit. That’S going to be critical in determining really how expensive this change is. I’M not sure it’s as great as the most people are so expensive. She she would tell a couple days before their baby was. Do she have that baby that she’d return to to Mexico? That baby was received, Birthright citizenship, some might say, that’s just Transit, others might say, Transit is moving through and having the baby. You know movie from an airport to 2 Hospital. Have a baby 3DS are visiting us States as far as they go. Maybe they can tweak it a little more and and making more into are type, but you got to you got to put the direction in which this is going now in the United States has been a draw and are one of the few countries that have it Yet, and we really need to eliminate Birthright citizenship, we need to make sure that people can’t come here legally they’re coming here, make it a pain, citizenship and we’re here for that to where country that welcomes legal immigrant immigrants to come in here. It’S this other issue that that we see a lot of that that that I think they’re trying to get out here, but I’m looking at this change. So I’m also course looking at the new new walls and and fortification of the walls it’s going up and I’m seeing some significant changes. Some real follow through on the promise. Has President Trump made to secure our border. Absolutely right. The president really wants to secure border. He understands that you know it’s like. We have a leak in our house. We shouldn’t be putting up drywall and paint until we fix the leak. So I’m seeing fencing going up just like you that the Mexican government has been a big help lately, the last few months and the MPP program is actually been a pretty good deterrent. So we’ve got some things if we were certain to enforce the the removal of the nearly million people with removal orders, you would actually see, I think, an almost complete standstill of people trying to get in this country illegally. We don’t have much time, but I do want to go to another story that is affecting you directly. Your Judiciary, Committee colleague, Democrat chairman, Jerry Nadler, is in hot water tonight, because a legal filing made by democrats on Monday saying their impeachment probe has started on March. 4Th but the Mueller report didn’t get to AG bar until the 22nd and it wasn’t even released until April 18th. So did Democrats Justice worthy of impeachment before they even had any evidence of of that yeah. I think they’ve been wanting to impeach President Trump since day. One but Jerry Nadler since he became chairman. I think that was his goal, but he never took any official position. I think that there’s a real problem within filing with the court saying: hey, look: we have this official investigation, we have it a serious investigation, going on big done, nothing but rest the president with their with their hearings, but he did nothing according to the rules of The house and the Constitution to actually go with impeachment, which is why I keep saying if you go ahead and start the procedure procedure to sanction your chairman for some for some part of this. But you know we may need to look into that because what’s happened here is here: he’s really sent two conflicting messages, and one thing we know for sure is they want to impeach the president, but they also they want to have it both ways. They don’t want to do anything official because it is grossly and highly unpopular with the American people. What kind of sanction would you envision? I think we would say it would be a cinch. Your type thing where you would say look, you did something wrong, admit it and he will never admit it and they they’ve got the votes good to see you thank you for being here appreciate it.
Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) reacts to the Trump administration’s new immigration rules.

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