US reportedly talking with Venezuela to remove Maduro

US reportedly talking with Venezuela to remove Maduro
US reportedly talking with Venezuela to remove Maduro
Nicolas Maduro to push him out of power and paved the way for free elections, Venezuela’s top officials negotiating tasty. The talks considered a major breakthrough as the regime, as previously opposed holding a new vote and comments. The country suffers one of the worst economic crisis in history. National Intelligence director John negroponte, a good to co-star, thanks for being here, Eastern Noriega out of power in Panama in those talks, ended up not faring too well, and ultimately, administration had to use to go in with for space Bush Administration ultimately did that differently. I think that the bigger issue is hot. What what’s the price we’re going to have to pay to mr. Maduro for reaching some kind of agreement? Are we going to? Is he going to be let off the hook happened in his country for the fact that the Venezuela has become a narco-trafficking state? So I think the devil is going to be in the details. The other thing is Dalton for the for the opposition. Are they going to be kind of frozen out with the old Maduro types it allowed to stay in office or stay in their current positions? I think the details wine with them about immigration, because the Trump Administration is not proposing a rule to change border detentions, allowing the government to hold migrant families in custody indefinitely. What do you think about 20 day limit in place to be held? It is not really a matter of doing it indefinitely and I think they’re going to process these Pirates and the children rather than separating them. I think the important thing is to have a good processing approach that is able to deal with these cases as quickly as possible. On the other, piston system has been an incentive for people to want to get children across the border cuz. Then they can be released into our country and can stay for an indefinite. Of time. So it’s been a bit of a magnet for migraine good enough from my point south up towards our country, and I think something did have to be done. Hitchhiking for four months – and I think again, I think the problem is that the current system, incense K2, gives an incentive for people to watch. Take the chance of coming up here and Crossing illegally in the hopes it then once the children are in. Ultimately, this will help get the parents in as well. I think much better that they be held together and ultimately, of course, better, that we find ways of dealing with the immigration that these migration issues that they’re at their Source at their root. In the northern triangle of Central America and in Mexico – and I think that can be done, the one thing quick question about the administration’s policy is the cutback that they’ve carried out with respect to assistance, economic assistance to Central America. I think that’s the wrong direction. I think what we got to do is try to help them improve their economic. That’S what I’ve been saying is Lindsey Graham says that he absolutely right. I endorse that totally appraised the Cathay Pacific CEO for not giving the names of his staff members who participated in the protest to Chinese authorities. Instead, he only listed his own name because, of course, Chinese authorities want to know who’s protesting vacations for them there going to be a very difficult situation in earlier. In the program you mentioned the 50-year, I can catch its 2047 when Hong Kong, it is slated to totally to beijing’s control in terms of its legal resume and so forth. I think you could summarize this is that the people of Hong Kong really want conditions to be as close to what they were in 1997, when the when the British relinquished sovereignty back to the Chinese, and I think the Chinese government wants to move the schedule forward. As quickly as possible, in their bringing pressure to beer to make P-47 come sooner, if you will – and I think they realize the struggle and Hong Kong people – they don’t want to have the lives and the standard of living and so forth that people have on Mainland China they want to live the kind of Life they been live. Even after all these years, weight of they’ve got a first-world standard of living in that country. They have basic Civic freedoms and that’s what they like to preserve it Sports Chinese whatever. But you know the rank-and-file and Hong Kong: don’t they have nowhere else to go and they want to have a good life for themselves are knowing that it will go back to Chinese rule. Why would you go there and open a business? Why would you go there and take your company public, I mean it’s difficult to 1963 is a vice cancel. We never thought 1997 was going to come. We thought the Brits British were going to find some way to renew the lease turn off. To think about those things, you know that I think you’re probably right there they’re starting to put it into their calculations, alright, that kind of thinking exactly and that’s why I got so many young people in the streets,
Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Negroponte, discusses a report that the US State Department has been engaged in secret talks with Venezuelan officials to oust Nicolas Maduro, President Trump’s immigration policy, and the Hong Kong protests.

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