US sanctions on Iran: Why are they there?

US sanctions on Iran: Why are they there?
On May 8th Donald Trump took, could you turn on America’s Iran policy? Us would withdraw from the deal sealed between world powers and Iran meant to scale back its nuclear activities. Trump believe the joint comprehensive plan of action has had no positive effect, hoping to reach what he sees as a better agreement. This occurred, he’s aiming for would go beyond the nuclear issue discussed in the 2015 deal extending to arouse intervention, neighboring countries, Trump strategy, applying pressure actions against Iran lifted by the nuclear deal will be back in full force. Every sanction that we had on there originally Phase 1 Banning around from purchasing u.s. dollars restricting transactions and Arabian riyals abroad, targeting its car industry, Metal Sales, carpets and pistachios and November. The US had the Islamic Republic where it really hurts oil and finance. They forced buyers of a ring and oil to cut their purchases and suspended a rainy and Banks from the global interbank transfer system, known as Swift. The US team to isolate Iran threatening companies that do not abide by the sanctions. The EU, which stands by the nuclear deal adopted a mechanism called Instax to bypass those sanctions. Protecting compass is the wish to do business in Iran. Still, the effects of us sanctions are brutal. The Iranian rial has lost about 75 % of its value compared with a dollar
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A recent report on US sanctions on Iran, why are they there? And what exactly are they?

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