US spy agencies say N. Korea is working on new missiles, WaPo reports

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US spy agencies say N. Korea is working on new missiles, WaPo reports
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when the president took a Victory lap this afternoon for his Summit with Kim Jong-un he might have spoken too soon the breaking news new reporting The Washington Post here’s the lead Quote us spy agencies are seeing signs that North Korea is constructing new missiles at a factory that produces the country’s first Continental ballistic missiles capable of reaching United States according to familiar to officials familiar with intelligence by phone one of the reporters on the byline Joby Warrick well I made it’s become clear to us Anderson over the last few months is that are inside and what’s going on in North Korea is getting much better. We was always have a black box for intelligence now we have a really good picture what’s going on site to meet the cilities in and decision-making by leaders and what we see here is is his weapons that are being constructed at a factory that made some of the most powerful weapons in North Korea’s Arsenal until the minimum we can say that has not put on the brakes as far as its weapons program is concerned what kind of evidence has the US intelligence gather to show that this is happening isn’t known that there’s some of the photographs are being taken by the NVA the national geospatial-intelligence agency which looks I’m not just at what we can see on the ground that also has says Billy to penetrate inside buildings to see what’s going on inside and what we see is is constructions continuing to have hundreds of facilities on the countries that make weapons and surprised they haven’t stopped work at facilities affected most of her continuing to work that’s where you take a rocket before you test it on an actual missile and you just check its capacity to make sure it’s working okay the taking apart one of those but they already have proven that there they have an engine that works they don’t really need this to fill it anymore they can rebuild it fairly quickly if they I want to so it’s it’s more of a symbolic move in and hang out but the Secretary of State depompeo just acknowledge this past week that fissile material stuff that makes nuclear weapons explode that work continues to still making more of it and now we have indication that the messenger we may to officials have been discussing how to deceive Washington about their nuclear capabilities that sounds very alarming time you’re very worried about it because what we see is in real-time evidence that North Korean officials don’t really take this very seriously they want to offer some token gestures to dismantling their nuclear Arsenal prep giving up some weapons inspector to see some facilities but they have no intentions of giving up everything and that comes as no surprise when you think of nuclear weapons as being a sensual at least in the eyes of the name to the survival of us tweeted out when he came back about there’s no more nuclear threat from North Korea you were poor the North Korea stockpile of enriched uranium could be substantially higher than we think it’s alright able to actually go inside of it. American scientist visited this place call Young John a few years ago but we had suspicions at the time there were other sites and now we know of at least one other one it’s a big one it’s been working for at least 10 years and that means that the stockpile of enriched uranium probably much bigger than we then we knew even a few months ago reporting Adobe work thank you so much I really appreciate it a black flags it’s all about the rise of Isis and Israel Qaeda it’s really extraordinary store near Buckeye recommend everyone get it watch people know the country and its Behavior over the years it might however come as a surprise to the president who’s gone out of his way to praise Mr Kim he’s got a great personality he said you know funny guy negotiator I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korea wants to do what’s right he trusts me I believe I really do we got a long way from the beginning so I mean shouldn’t match this come as any surprise to anybody who has you know follow the history of North Korea and United States and effort said peace between the two countries the only person in the world and probably the only person in his own in ministration who actually thinks that is the result of the Singapore Summit the North Koreans were truly planning to give up their nuclear weapons which they did not commit to all they said was we will work towards the complete denuclearisation of the Peninsula which means something very different for Kim Jong on that it means for Donald Trump but Donald Trump has been trying to convince the world that this was a stupendous day of the problem is solved there’s no more nuclear threat and the intelligence consistently contradicts those Rosie assessment General I mean the real is North Koreans except they agree to nothing as far as we know so the fact they’re continuing to build these missiles it’s not even necessarily like they’re breaking some agreement with the us cuz there’s nothing really specifically written down there not Cinemax and I are on the same page we’re talking about a dynasty the Kim Dynasty it has been in place for three generations grandfather father and now Kim jeong-hoon you’re not going to change their strategic approach in session at a Somerton singer for all of us who have been skeptical about this from the very beginning and anyone who has served on the Korean Peninsula knows that this just isn’t the way it works in the real world when you’re dealing with Kim Jong on he is not a good guy he is not a charismatic leader he is a vicious dictator who killed his own people and he depends on these nuclear weapons as he’s been building them for the last several years to give him power and to give him strength and to have other people fear Him yeah this this is not surprised at all. Anyone that knows this Regine the postcode Liberation extra I want to make sure I get it right he says that the US has his backwards negotiating for recognition of their nuclear weapon which is a completely different thing as a result of this process Donald Trump has legitimated the North Korean regime he has treated Kim Jong on his an equal on the world stage she’s praising to the skies with her what you just played show that and he is essentially led to relaxation of sanctions on North Korea because China is simply not enforcing sanctions on the same way they were before in fact other countries that don’t have any incentive to enforce those actions because Trump says the problem so why would they want you know inflict pain on themselves if the problem has been solved so I think Kim Jong on is actually getting what he wants which is keeping a nuclear program sing sanctions relax and seeing his profile enhance on the world stage he’s getting pretty much everything he do you watch those getting almost nothing out of this in general I mean you getting Not only would not start how do you also getting a stop to joint military Maneuvers with South Korea that the US has had for for for quite some time in the back friends have been discussing Court in the post how to de-seed Washington about the number warheads and missiles they have it why should I don’t expect them to do any differently they should and that’s the key issue Anderson mr. Trump got a lot of advice from his military leaders in the defense department is let’s do a snap back exercises hit something wrong happens let’s immediately put them back in the place and prove if you’re going to say take him off the table then at least be prepared to put them back we did not do that he is not taking the advice of anyone who is expert on many of these issues in South and North Korea is he hasn’t with many other parts of the world so it’s to be expected what we’re seeing right now and it’s on it’s more than unfortunate it’s extremely dangerous and just a catastrophic that this is going on
The Washington Post is reporting that US spy agencies have new intelligence that shows North Korea is working on new missiles just weeks after President Trump declared that the country was no longer a nuclear threat.

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