US State Dept. orders non-emergency embassy staff to leave Iraq

US State Dept. orders non-emergency embassy staff to leave Iraq
US State Dept. orders non-emergency embassy staff to leave Iraq
How is the United States justified in the pull-out from the US side? Very few details from the White House from the defense department in from the state department. Washington, here is what we have right now, is simply saying that there is an increased threat from Iran and its proxies against Americans and against American interests in the region, and that is pretty much increase. Information from the US side, sofa mini that its allies also have their very own doubts. They are not getting more information either and the members of Congress up on Capitol Hill without that information at the same time 2 are. The states, of course, has reacted to what it calls those imminent threats against its interest by sending an aircraft carrier, for example, B-52 bomber into the Persian Gulf military who’s. A member of the US increased, but still without any concrete information from the United States. As to what that increased threat from Iran and its proxies might be, the United States doesn’t want war with Iran arale as the expression goes. Templeton, to listen to the supreme leader of Iran. At this moment he does say that Iran is not seeking Warbucks. At the same time, he says: that’s all he threatens, rather than around Mike and Richie to weapons-grade levels. Now, there’s one threat from Iran on one side, then, on the other side that promise, if you will, that surround, is not seeking war on the other side from the United States, as you just mention, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo who’s, one of the few who’s been Speaking out about this supposed threats from Iran says, the United States is fundamentally not seeking a war with Iran either we have heard from him. He yesterday denied a report in the New York Times that the United States is considering sending 120,000 US troops to the Middle East in case of an attack from Aron. He said that was snooze, but at the same time said, he would do something like that and would to quit. The u.s. president sent a hell of a lot more, a military into the region. If that was to be the case, so very, very different messages from within the administration, love is coming from Aron, with really not very clear right now, we’re not seeing clearly as to what this threat might be and what exactly the United States is planning here now, What
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Philip Crowther talks about the US State Department calling for a pullback of its embassy staff in Iraq.

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