‘Using tools made me feel like a superwoman’ – BBC News

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‘Using tools made me feel like a superwoman’ – BBC News
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I just turn 6 and I like to sing I like to draw and I like to build find the architect and make like I’m robots really care about building they just they just do what people say say they’re supposed to be doing the minute I got my hands it felt it gave me a sense of empowerment almost like I became a Super Woman I thought it was broken because I wish there was one when I was growing up I became a plumber by pretty much by accident and I actually fell in love with woman once I started doing is the women’s building will be a space that is for justice and Liberation any quality gender segregation or work is completely arbitrary and we need to open up the labor sector to anyone who wants to fill any job not based on gender
Construction workers in the US are in demand and earn high salaries, yet women make up less than 10% of the industry in the country.
One woman in New York is setting out to change that by training girls as young as six to work with tools.

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