Vancouver condo to have separate entrance for social housing residents

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Vancouver condo to have separate entrance for social housing residents
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controversial high-rise in Vancouver has been approved by city council the new tower in the city’s West End will include both condo units and social housing but it’s designed to keep the two groups apart the cdc’s Megan Bachelor tells us how people are we this is the absolutely perfect microcosm for our city right now a separation of Have and Have Nots Us and Them areas for only a select few those with the money to pay that sarcasm is a development at Burnaby in Thurlow streets in Vancouver’s West End the initial housing proposal saw separate entrances and playgrounds for the 30-story tower citistaff in the developer say the explanation for it is simple it all boils down to cost we are again balancing off the needs of the requirements of a non-profit operator to manage that cost of mitigate rest over the long term meaning those in social housing may not want to pay for the services of strata may have in a be like a concierge it’s a controversial concept I think it should be here but I think everybody’s equal and fair in the city and new I wish it represent everybody is as a whole is one and different playgrounds for the two well I don’t know that’s that’s combine the playgrounds the entrances though will remain separate for now at the displeasure of one city councilor anybody else important principle so I’m going to vote against simply to send that message I hope that the rest of council approved the plan other counselors urged City staff to work with the developers on the separate entrances Megan bachelor’s to be seen is Vancouver
A Vancouver condo will be built with separate entrances for social and market housing residents, after the city approved a proposal to rezone several low-rise apartment buildings in the West End to construct one 30-storey tower.

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