Vancouver street names: Quirky, random facts behind the names you know

Vancouver street names: Quirky, random facts behind the names you know
Vancouver street names: Quirky, random facts behind the names you know
Streets, they all have names, but have you ever wondered why they have the names they do? Hi, I’m CBC Vancouver’s Municipal Affairs, reporter Justin McElroy. In recent years there has been a trend of looking at individuals open for historical figures who haven’t aged well. But what about the rest of them in the city of Vancouver Street Hazard random way, but this is never been fully explored until now, when you exclude numbered streets and only count things. The city of Vancouver explicitly calls a public Street. There are 650 one of them in this city named for Unique reasons and working a categorize, each and every so, let’s get to it for a lot of this, we’re going to be relying on the 1999 book street names of Vancouver by Elizabeth Walker and The Vancouver Carpal Society of basically every Street in the city or what they think it’s name for, but even then there are 60 to streets with no origin from Napier to Lily the Clarendon. To you get the picture. There are a lot of them spread out all over. So that’s one big category done another big category and golf courses and all golf courses that you know are from here know we have streets named after golf courses in Scotland and England and Boston no less than three from Toronto Highland Park, Illinois home of the all-male Membership of Bob o Links Golf Course, or, as we know it, the city of Vancouver name for golf courses, then there are for women and people of color combined and the city’s love Street could have been even greater because of the 1960s. They want you to name 7th Street since the new musqueam Park Subdivision out for golfers until they were changed to names with indigenous term, along with three others in this subdivision. We also have a lot of geographical Beech Avenue because it’s next to the beach boundary, because it’s the boundary between Vancouver and Burnaby Main Street because they wanted it to be a main street and so on. Just one block long all right next up explorers, they came. They saw a bunch of different things happened, including centuries later streets, in Vancouver being named for them. 15 from England, 8th from Spain, 7 from France won from Denmark come over. I don’t want throw into European Statesman from the 17th and 16th centuries, and now we should be done with your opinion right, but we’ve left out the monarchy, including 24 King Edward, the sixth 34, Queen Victoria and her family, Derek titles for the British royalty, and I Almost forgot 24 other famous British people and 25 other places in Brenham. That’S nearly 10 % of the name streets right there and that’s not even counting the University, the far Northeast of the city for of which are in Britain. We’Ve also got two Greek mathematicians, 20 War battles and finally, wrapping up the European section, their stuff named for George Vancouver, that guy who navigated a ship around here hundreds of years city named a bunch of things after his friends and the Shipmates and places he lived In moving on to things from this continent, we’ve got famous Canadians who aren’t from BC famous places that aren’t in PC, including a certain Street in New York City and all the provinces and territories of this country, except for Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Northwest Territories. That also aren’t they steer three streets after indigenous people are termed spelling, part of the musqueam squamous or Sabertooth Nations was unseated lands, Vancouver is on and do not have a single street name directly for one of their Leaders. Moving On remember how I said some of Vancouver Street naming was random. In the 1920s and 30s, there were a lot of new subdivisions being built in the city of Vancouver, which required a lot of new straightening. Apparently there was someone into City’s engineering department will then be young, but the power to suggest treatment, specifically games based on to work and characters. 19Th century Scottish novelist, Sir Walter Scott 12, to be exact, which means there more women were born in Vancouver. We’Ve also got streets, are the two Global festivals, healthier one’s name for old hotels or fancy houses on the street, once name for ships are things on a ship and once that, frankly, were hard to put in any category. There are also plenty of treats, particularly in Falls Creek named after Pearl activity, that Ben Cooper used to do lots more up, including bucket wheel, not bucket wheel Street, not bucket wheel, Lane just bucket wheel. Then we have all the places named for other places and BC. Most it’s in a row in the nonhuman category plant but, more importantly, trees. The tree streets are a defining part of how this city is named for the musically, the CPR surveyor in charge of naming much up. Early Vancouver, Lachlan Hamilton want tree streets to go from A to Z, but he was hands off and when he returned from a trip and asked us assistance whether they have followed through they said they hadn’t heard anything about it and that’s why our tree streets aren’t Completely random alphabetical order, which Leaf, has basically whip-around 200 streets name for people from British Columbia Forest landowners when people would buy large plots of land with no roads around them. Often the person with the biggest plot of land would get that street named after them. Their 46th streets and total name for people known primarily today as landowners all between 1880 and 1940. Now, let me tell you about the car Pacific Railway company. Basically, when CPR agreed to end their Railroad in Vancouver instead of Port Moody, the province gave them 6,000 acres of land in for CPR to make money off that land and needed to be cleared surveyed and filled with streets, and a lot of them ended up being Named for employees and managers of the CPR, because that’s the thing you can do when you own a fifth of a city, we’re also going to include streets named for people who work for different railway lines or who were ancient ears or surveyors which bring politician. They include 7 and peace, 7, premiere 6, early, Lieutenant Governor’s and a whole bunch of them LA’s some contentious, some not all. Ultimately, in the same category, we’re also going to include 28 Civic politicians, category including 10 former Bank of America and people like School trustees and Senior City staff, including a few PC Pioneers outside of Vancouver a few people whose biggest claim to fame was chopping down. Trees, houses in Rhodes and on the topic of chopping down, trees, five streets named after owners and operators of the Hastings Sawmill, the first major industry in Vancouver. We got nine other prominent business owners streets named after the longest-serving owner and general manager, the Canucks Vancouver riots, who were hard to put in any category and speaking of hard to categorize streets. We’Ve got vallhund names for the First Bank, Cooper police dog, killed in the line of duty shot in 1967 by Murder, On The Run, who was it open present and perhaps are weirdest street name leg in boot Square 1987a leg and boot washed ashore, false Creek, Vancouver Police decided to investigate this in the most rigorous way possible by hanging that leg and at police headquarters for a couple weeks waiting for someone to claim it. Nobody did but 90 years later, the city thought that would make for a good street name. So we’ve gone from 651 street name to seven as a Young Man Leopold bloch-bauer fled from Austria, the Nazis invaded because he was Jewish, had his assets seized, he moved to Vancouver to Bentley and eventually had a street name for the road that led to his first Saw Mill the beginning of a small Force company that grew up to become, can for Jack opal only Street in Vancouver name for a Salvation. He was a Pioneer in the forest Industry and bought discrimination. I keep part of the endocrine alien 43 Heritage in this province. Francis Banning daily rental was Vancouver’s first public health nurse and directed BC’s original school for nurses, Tilly funerals, who was the first woman in Canada to be a cabinet minister with an actual Department to run introduced species first sex, ed curriculum and was mounting chairperson of Theater. Under the Stars, Samuel, re-roll and next to Kits Beach, but the government gave it to CPR as part of that 6000 Acres. You refuse to leave, so the government sent the sheriff to arrest him and then Greer Shot the Sheriff before being arrested. And finally, there is Worthington Drive and Worthington place, name for Douglas Grant Worthington and John Robert Worthington Brother, since the 28th armored regiment in the 4th Canadian Brigade who died within nine days of one another during the Battle of Normandy and that’s a look at every single Street in Vancouver and how they were named for CVC Uber Time, Justin McElroy
CBC News goes through all 651 unique Vancouver street names, many of them with random origins and surprising histories.

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