Vanilla Thieves Of Madagascar (Full Documentary) – BBC News

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Vanilla Thieves Of Madagascar (Full Documentary) – BBC News
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it’s a difficult Journey deep into the forest that we find a fedora Modelo but his machete isn’t for cutting down Vines of branches it’s a weapon protecting his Plantation against he’s looking for one thing the problem has been going on for some time now is everything we have to be vigilant so we don’t get killed some months farmers in Madagascar I’ve been sleeping in their fields to God that binds at night sometimes we don’t sleep in the hood out in the forest my husband was over he attacked once when he sleeps I don’t sleep when I sleep he stays awake at Daybreak would you need to Ambani son a Coastal Village at the edge of the forest many Gardens are full of vanilla each Vine the results of the dedication cat a farm is likely on Pandora steam the orchid flower that produces these pods only blooms for a matter of hours each year when it does it needs to be pollinated by hand that’s because the bee that naturally does it it’s only found in Mexico but pollinating the flower is not the only Market at the farm is leave just more than $150 worth of vanilla dried that’s how much still sell for best still valuable that’s actually been branded there’s a name on here because they’re trying to avoid theft and the extraordinary safety measure is necessary lost yet Leon’s whole crop was snatched away in broad daylight in I was working in the rice field when the money was stolen the thieves quickly took the chance to steal it so sad I cried because we lost everything I didn’t have money to send my children to school and my family has been suffering all year and so the court things off until violent there have been murders in nearby Villages something the chief of them bunnies and has been working to prevent efudex violence because mortgage this is not a good thing so we protect the People’s Couch so they don’t get stolen vanilla the global prices gone up over a thousand percent in 5 years Droid pods an out more valuable than silver but despite the theft and violence they have been menopause for the people of Madagascar a loss of money has made it into the pockets of the farmers kids going to school the profits from vanilla are really making a difference there’s even a word for it is made money or cold vanilla and that cash is transforming places like thanks to the Sky High vanilla prices The Villages have been able to buy this Sawmill the process Woods to build furniture and houses and something is to the full on construction sites wonder what the building so what are you building here yeah let’s go I need the money to build all of this has come from Bonita but the person who owns it doesn’t just grow vanilla as well making money but they still rely on middleman to get their vanilla to Consumers that’s where the big profits made another Jenny this time tomorrow full commission as they buy up vanilla instead of exporters I want to see if I can buy some told Adidas I’m making inquiry and after a long wait they deliver the only stock available I wanted to be able to buy just a little bit of another but it’s not in season now which means what you guess the black market like it is things like this the vacuum sealed so they cannot cut this off but it’s not just in Madagascar but the soaring vanilla prices have been felt the other side of the world Ruby Violet ice cream parlor in London is experiencing the same issue anything from matcha green tea to tiramisu for the world’s most famous ice cream flavor nowhere to be found banana is off the menu results of prices being too high for those who want a delicate flavor malted milk is on offer some ice cream maker said it wasn’t just price but quality to pods will being picked to early madagascan vanilla we’re going to meet one of the top vanilluxe Portishead Marin set rep Whittlesey expose 3 to 4 tons of vanilla ever Traders are anxious about the threat the prize reputation of madagascan vanilla vanilla is too expensive for the quality you get some people tandava countries we Madagascar don’t have the standards this is what we supposed to spit along the northeastern coast of Madagascar with a forest meets the sea and even bigger threat is visible protected Parks being destroyed to make way for vanilla been damaged by people who have cleared it so that they can flaunt different things you can still see some of the logs from the trees that have been felt and this is just one of many sites like this that we’ve seen so far Catia take me to a park ranger Ormond Meadows Fe and environmental activists Clovis Plaza FEMA national park has paid a heavy price for vanilla soaring value recite the Plex freenas Forest beside click Fitness first but later we’ll see where is the problem if it’s soon becomes even clearer what’s at stake there was a forest you’re growing vanilla care Veterinary for getting long does Destroyer Forest this may look like just a small patch that’s been cleared especially when you can still see so much rainforest the problem is that there are patches like this all over the place and it will never grow back the same way again it will take hundreds of years to recover what’s been lost this sort of damage disrupts The Fragile ecosystem lemurs will no longer have food here a delicate balance starts to disappear ironically the forest that they’re cutting down is the very thing that makes this a perfect place to grow vanilla thanks for the forest region that a lot of rain and then invite invite have clumpy here we have a lot of productive 3 we haven’t finalized when the forest are gone we would lose all our value in Australia I’ve Northeast Madagascar are experiencing the light and the shade Float On by high Global vanilla prices the boom itself may not last long but here it’s affect certainly will
The robberies are often violent. There have been dozens of murders in Madagascar linked to vanilla. Several communities have tried and failed to get protection from armed police. Some have taken the law into their own hands. Villagers say in a nearby village, a machete-wielding crowd descended on five suspected gangsters – hacking and stabbing them to death.

The killings have yet to be solved by the police. Locals say there is no will or capacity in the police forces to investigate the vanilla thefts – or the mob justice that sometimes follows.

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