Vegas massacre survivor to gun advocate: You go dodge bullets

it was an eleventh-hour decision but a federal judge has blocked the online posting of blueprints that allow people to make these 3D Guns of this legal fight is not over in joining me now is Brian Claypool he’s a survivor of the Las Vegas Massacre and Jen Morgan a second amendment Advocate and a certified Firearms instructor thanks to both of you for being here Brian looked Las Vegas Massacre was very recent obviously there are still so many physical and emotional wounds from that what did you think when you heard it was possible to use your 3D printer and create an untraceable unregistered gun Shutterstock I was in despair grieving again as read victimized Andre traumatized I spoke to your your colleague Chris Cuomo’s shortly after the shooting in Vegas and I told him I said during that shooting the first round of shots Pop I thought I was dead second round of shots I said if I survive I’m going to fight and make sure this never happens again instead of just fighting to eliminate assault weapons now I have to fight on behalf of people across the country victims of gun violence people care about Public Safety I don’t the fight to stop a company from providing a blueprint to any lunatic planet and kill people it’s a license to Kill and it’s a recipe for Mass Carnage explain how this makes sense how does it make sense to allow people a homemade gun that can make in the privacy of their own home untraceable and then you can bring it passes through a medical a metal detector into stadiums onto planes Etc okay well first of all makes sense or not and how we feel about it and Brian I’m sorry about you have had to go through truly I am but feelings and and and whether or not it’s fair is not the same thing as a right rights or are different from government-issued Privileges and this is more than just a second amendment this is the First Amendment right issue going to start censoring any kind of information out there on the internet that might do a rapper will harm then we’re going to have to take off all the websites that are out there that teach you how to make explosive devices and bombs websites that are doing a replica harm such as pornography website the tech people had a poison of the people I mean there’s a there’s a wealth of information out there that is very dangerous on the internet so this is the first amendment issue on the issue of of the other Farms we already Allison and Brian it is already against federal law to manufacture a fire on this undetectable but where the confusion lies is whether or not it’s traceable there are cuz you say it’s illegal but the blueprints were online a thousand people downloaded them so there you go actually it’s easier Alison it’s not easier easier hardware store and get the pieces the parts that I need to make a shotgun I could do that you don’t have to have in fact a printable 3D printable Firearms are much more complicated to make than just building your own and it is not illegal in America to manufacture your own a firearm out of metals and you’re home and not have it rented that this is a First Amendment right what’s your respond that’s the problem with our society first of all the First Amendment doesn’t give you the right to break the law the federal law currently says that you can’t make plastic without serial number so so that you’re not protected by the First Amendment that’s the first thing the second thing is instead of President Trump calling the NRA guess what give me a call and give victims across this country call who have Dodge bullets from assault weapons and find out how they feel about it before you propagate this recipe for Masters after do you know it on their website they have what’s called a VZ 58 hours see what that is 17 inch long gun 7 lb it’s going to carry out mass killings Army to to destroy your body when they enter your body they destroy you so that this is not acceptable in a civilized society and it’s not funny your feelings are not relevant when it comes to right if you really want if if Brian and the Democrats really want to address the issue of magic things that involves psychotropic drug Stephen paddocks A Very guy 3D printer at home Stephen Paddock obtained his firearms just to be able to have a mentally ill person create their own gun at home mentally ill people can create their own guns regardless of the law and I’m sorry that you can’t get this but no loss is going to stop at Criminal I should call you more gun control laws we already had over 20,000 gun control laws in America Allison is a gun for Utopia how many people died in that mass shooting because terrorist and bad guys and crazy people will always have access to guns and shooting in their own legally arm citizens got your point here last you are bypassing background checks you are bypassing mental health background checks you are bypassing certain numbers on the guns and and and this is going to any lunatic on the planet to go in his or her own home and make a gun and carry out another mass shooting and and if this happens again she and you know what you’re going to have blood on your hands and this government’s going to have blood on it very heated I know that there’s a lot of feelings understandably on both sides Jan Brian thank you very much for the debate we’ll see where this goes
A gun rights advocate and a survivor of the Las Vegas mass shooting discuss the potential impact of 3D-printed guns, after a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the federal government from allowing distribution of downloadable blueprints.

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