Venezuela crisis: Brazil deploys troops after migrant attacks – BBC News

Venezuela’s neighbors have long said the migration crisis is getting out of hand this weekend Breaking Point angry about the stabbing of a local resident these people took revenge on the Venezuelan say how responsible I meant chance of go back to Venezuela hundreds of my cans did just us 4 return to the place that escaped from the same camp these young families have said Venezuela with no money they had no option but to sleep here just me to the way from the border many told me attentions in town between locals and Venezuelan food prices go up good morning we’ll Venezuelan is coming things were going to get worse president Nicolas Maduro is doing little to stop his country’s economic free full last week he announced plans devalue the country’s currency inflation the international monetary fund says could hit 1 million percent by the end of the year the Venezuelans of worried this latest announcement will just make the crisis was this weekend at Koodo said it would be shocked Waylon’s without the passport Peru announced similar measures for those trying to get out it’s a boring development we really wants to contribute we have to work because about kids if we all kids I’ll kids will literally starve to death open BBC News
Brazil is sending troops and extra police to the border town of Pacaraima where Venezuelan migrant camps were attacked and set ablaze. President Michel Temer held an emergency meeting on Sunday as regional tensions rose over the numbers fleeing crisis-hit Venezuela.
Venezuela has asked its neighbour to ensure the safety of its citizens. In Ecuador, desperate Venezuelans were reported to be crossing the border in defiance of new entry requirements.

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