Venezuela crisis: Is Maduro or Guaidó in charge? – BBC News

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Venezuela crisis: Is Maduro or Guaidó in charge? – BBC News
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Venezuela crisis: Is Maduro or Guaidó in charge? – BBC News
So, who is Venezuela’s leader? Is it Nicolas Maduro the man whose rules since the death of Hugo Chavez six years ago is Walt and what he calls a dictatorship, United States and Canada? What quick to back Mister glider, along with Brazil, Argentina and Colombia it all comes, is Venezuela’s long. Political and economic crisis grind zombie, isn’t free full. In recent years, millions of Venezuelans have given up hope and left the country with huge crowds on the streets of Caracas. The full feels like the most serious threat faced. I’Ve been through some of this before they were months, are Street protests in 2014 and again in 2017. Each time the authorities Crackdown, thousands were arrested and scores killed, but the pressures would have drove people the streets before the shortages hyperinflation, the sense that Venezuela is falling apart. The other difference is the international reaction. America has warmed. The options are on the table if they Ultraviolence Canada says the Maduro government is now a dictatorship. The EU is pulling for the start of a political process that leads to free and credible election. Russia has accused the west of gross interference and, of course, a long history of US involvement in Latin America May mean that Washington has to tread carefully, will miss them before all eyes are on the military. If they remain loyal, then another bloody Crackdown, if they follow one guy. And if that divided Venezuela’s crisis could get a whole lot worse.
Opposition leader Juan Guaidó has declared himself interim president, and the US is backing him.

President Nicolás Maduro, who retains some other nations’ support, broke off relations with the US in response.

So who’s really in charge? The BBC’s diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams explains.

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