Venezuela’s gold diplomacy gamble – BBC News

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Venezuela’s gold diplomacy gamble – BBC News
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Venezuela’s gold diplomacy gamble – BBC News
This man needs friends. Nicolas Maduro is clinging on in Venezuela, Western powers back his rival, Quan Guido, but he still got something valuable to keep some countries outside Vista gold, with a Venezuelan oil industry hit by sanctions. Mr. Maduro has had to turn to the country’s mineral wealth to raise cash and make friends Lela wanted to withdraw 1.2 billion dollars of its gold stored at the bank of England catching the bank said. Imperialist policies should know we’ll never give up. So, Venezuela, as hot to look elsewhere and it’s new biggest, the United Arab Emirates, a standing behind Nicolas Maduro president, add one has built a close relationship with him telling him stands. Whole brother turkeys with you, Venezuela exported about nine hundred million dollars of gold to Turkey. Venezuela opposition claims recently preparing to buy 840 million dollars worth with cash brought back in Russia, Jet’s Landing in Caracas and off the reports that the UAE was about to buy 15 Tons of gold. A company in Abu Dhabi said that boot 3 tons and would leave it at that. So why the concerning two words: conditions under on the mining conditions, a rule for the pits have been contaminated with liquid mercury, causing massive ecological Damage. Big Pro Maduro guys are running Vine gangs, exploiting minors, with reports of massacres being cool by some blood gold. The US suspect that some of it going to Turkey is actually ending up and it wrong which would violate sanctions, the touch of God. That’S absolutely no Happening by being told that turkey Is Now by far the biggest concern of all the countries engaging in the gold train, the US National Security advisor at John bull Warren, so stealing in gold and oil being as he put it, stolen by the Maduro Mafia that action could be taken, I’ve been told the Turkish authorities have been made aware there on thin ice. I have about 8 billion dollars left and it’s gold reserves position, hope that starving the government. They might just remove one of the Lost big cards. Nicolas Maduro has to play
As Venezuela’s oil industry has plummeted with sanctions and economic collapse, President Nicolas Maduro has turned to his country’s other mineral wealth: gold.

He’s used it to win allies and raise money. But the US, which has urged Mr Maduro to stand down, has warned those profiting from what it calls Venezuela’s illegitimate gold trade.

The BBC’s Mark Lowen takes a look at Venezuela’s gold diplomacy gamble.

Camera and editing by Lee Durant.

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