Venezuela’s health system in state of collapse – BBC News

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Venezuela’s health system in state of collapse – BBC News
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Venezuela’s health system in state of collapse – BBC News
It’S not easy to get inside, Venezuela’s ailing Health System. The government tries hard to keep the cameras out, but doctors brought us into one of the main public hospitals in Caracas, determined that we should see the truth for all an empty promise. Stuff say because of government not liked, you got a real inside here into the stage of Venezuela’s Health Service, they should be refrigerated and it should be full of insulin. It broke down 5 years ago. It’S never been fixed, I’m just here with my feet. There’S a dead cockroach. The Health Service in this country is in a state of collapse. Nearby we found medical waste, including used needles screw surround. This is one of the showers. Sometimes there’s no running water, so relatives have to bring in bottles nephew. Louise Cooks, his food in the bathroom Luis, is Gravely ill with a brain tumor. His family have been keeping him Alive by spending all their savings, but he needs more help. I still have to rent the surgical equipment they need for my operation. He says to buy all the supplies, even the goals. Every day that passes, he loses a little orifice size. The hospital Cavs give the sick much more than a bed under President Nicolas Maduro. This is the picture of Health, who is growing all the way down the wall when the internal medicine Department. This is the isolation area. This patient here has lymphoma. The patient here has TV and we’ve been told, he’s receiving absolute, no treatments so David, who is 20? Can only rest and hope his mother is grateful. He’S been admitted, another hospital turned him away because microphones in the bed next door, twenty-one-year-old Carlos, a cancer patient, much-loved only son, his mother Diana, has just been told. He needs a biopsy that she must pay for. Take her nearly two years to earn the money if she had a job, anguish, frustration and anger at the government. President Maduro, he says we doctors have to tell the truth. We have to do our best to save our patients, but nowadays we can’t, we feel blocked because of the gum doctor, you’ve been speaking very bravely very openly. Isn’T the risk that something could happen to you now because of what you’ve been telling us. He says, of course I am worried, but I prefer to live in a free country rather than live in oppression, and let my patients have nothing just outside the door on sale at this guard. It’S counting machine now serves as therefore stuff to Sis doctors in Venezuela say. Sometimes all they can do is help their patients die, no help them live. Orla Guerin, BBC News Caracas,
President Nicolas Maduro promised Venezuelans free medical treatment for all – but hospitals are now only able to offer a bed and little else.

Hospital staff and families of patients say the health service has crumbled, neglected by the government over the last five years.

Now there is barely running water, let alone enough medicines, as the BBC’s Orla Guerin reports.

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