Venezuela’s Maduro possibly looking to negotiate exit: Sources

Venezuela’s Maduro possibly looking to negotiate exit: Sources
Venezuela’s Maduro possibly looking to negotiate exit: Sources
Security Council president, Diego Asia and back with us, former Trump Deputy National Security adviser, KT McFarland good to have you both here, Diego welcome 4 years ago. They put a warrant out for your arrest, Venezuela back in the time when it actually was quite prosperous. Some and had a much brighter better future. What happens now? Because it’s really been, I don’t think Maduro has. You are dealing with a group of not criminals, so you’re not dealing with the government, so it is very difficult for people who are not criminals and do not know the language to anticipate the behavior of these people. The only thing is people ask: what are the Armed Forces going to do when I said go to the gym turn on Bolton Venezuela, Chinese and Russian tortoise Venezuelan seems to be according to all of our enemies, bro down from didn’t matter anymore. The Monroe Doctrine says great powers are not going to be in our hemisphere at the beginning of the Trump Administration, all the things he said that it’s a corrupted so narco-state, but that the way to solve it is to behind-the-scenes, have American influence American money, but can Continue to encourage Internal Revenue, a reform movement, but also to get Venezuela’s wealthy neighbors to as well try to take the lead and what happens in that Hemisphere, and that would be Columbia. That would be Brazil. They really haven’t been as forceful for half the Venezuelan flag. Waddell and folks, like yourself, would like, but are they investing in, that direction come to the United States because they are the only ones who would do something about it and Mario, the only American president? No one has been so committed in Forestville, inaccurate energizing de Venezuela, because his power discretion. They have icing, have to increase individual War Administration. You were very instrumental and not crafting the the thought process that would go into this Venezuela or deal so I do believe that was a compliment to you as well man, better, the president and his team that recognize this was an opportunity to do some good and Also, the president understand you actually, a couple weeks ago, you had an interview with President Trump and you got him to talk about the economic prospects of Venezuela. I thought that was that was where his thinking is. This is a country that should be wealthy and powerful, and we’re going to try to figure out how to do that with them. Hey they’ve got oil. We’Ve got technology to get the oil out of the ground that we can help their economy. They can help and that we can have peace in the Western Hemisphere to get the Chinese uranium to the Russians.
Former UN Security Council President Diego Arria and former Trump Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland discuss the deepening crisis in Venezuela.

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